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GTA 5 Fivem RolePlay Hack – AFK fishing in GTA5Rp

DETECTED GTA 5 Fivem RolePlay Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: By Gamania

GTA 5 Fivem RolePlay Hack – bot for AFK fishing in GTA5Rp

Hello Everyone, We continue to fulfill your GTA 5 Fivem RolePlay Hack requests. Everyone with good computer hardware has definitely played FIVEM RolePlay, here is a Fivem Hack.Bot that will make you rich in your profession, it automatically transfers all fish (from the bag) to the trunk.
You just need to run to the car and press the F5 button.
Boat, fish from inventory to first 6 slots of hull (top lane) in this order
quotes: sterlet, sturgeon, grass carp, stingray, tuna, salmon and six Dolly Varden chars.
Note For the function to work, you must set the H key in the game settings (F10 – Settings – Management – View the trunk of the car)
Does not work with PPS Shaders or filters. Disable them.
In the game settings – Graphics – Screen type – you must select “Frameless window”
If you catch it with the bag:
In the bot panel you need to select RMB – Settings – “Catch with bag”


Features for GTA 5 Fivem RolePlay Hack:

  • Automatic adjustment to fit your screen. (My cr4ck doesn’t have automatic configuration yet, I will in a few days. Resolutions are now available: – 1920×1080 – 1680×1050 – 1366×768)
  • Auto detect inventory.
  • Auto-detection of mood.
  • Auto detect captcha.
  • Automatically detect open/closed inventory.
  • Adjusting the fishing speed.
  • Transfer it to the bag while fishing.
  • Transfer to trunk (F5).
  • Transfer from 33/25 pieces of luggage. (F9)
  • Counter of your income in real time.
  • Function of pressing the “I am a robot” button.
  • Voice alerts.
  • Alerts on discord (Alerts on a cr4ck don’t work natively, but if the demand for a cr4ck is high and people ask, I’ll do it, no problem).
  • Beautiful and user-friendly interface.
  • Work in the background.
  • Quick switch to game function.


GTA 5 Fivem RolePlay Hack if it doesn’t work :

If your inventory pops up a few times and that’s it and the bot isn’t doing anything else (not seeing the bait), here’s what will help you:
Make sure your fishing rod and bait are in slots 1 and 2. Also check the bot settings regardless of whether you have the bag closed or not. Solution 1: 1. Select display type in graphics settings: fullscreen
2. Apply settings
3. Select the display type in the graphics settings: borderless windowed
4. Apply the settings
5. Restart the game
Solution 2:- Disable shaders (if any)
– Update driver (optional)
– PC
Restart PS This error occurs for those who did not fully open the windowed game mode without bezels. The bot doesn’t see anything and therefore won’t run.

If the bot allegedly missed, maybe you’re just catching it with a bag, but you didn’t select it in the settings.
In the bot socket you need to select RMB – Settings – “Catch with a bag”

If You Fail At Everything
-Settings > Update & Security > Windows
-Update windows in update section
-Update your PS graphics card drivers This usually helps. Maybe some drivers or system components have crashed. Check again.


How to Use GTA 5 Fivem RolePlay Hack ?

1) Download the archive GTA 5 Fivem RolePlay Hack
2) Run ONLY ONE file: FisherCr4ck.exe Make a change to the hosts for the certificate and dns spoofing the program will be installed
3) Run chrome.exe after and after ps Author specifically set the chrome.exe name so that your bot doesn’t burn when checking cheats and bots
4) The key can be entered for example: FISHBOT_111111111111111111


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