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GTA 5 Online Flame Mod Menu Hack v3.7

OUTDATED GTA 5 Online Flame Mod Menu Free Download

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Oksana

GTA 5 Online Flame Mod Menu is free to download hack for GTA Online with protections, recovery and everything you can ask for in a cheat GTA 5 Online Flame Mod Menu is a feature rich cheat that can be used in GTA 5’s online lobbies. You can spawn cars, onjects, peds, hell even money for you and your friends. You can be a good guy and drop money to the whole lobby or just be toxic and use the troll options to mess with the other only players. Whatever you want to be and do, this mod menu is absolutely perfect for every kind of player.


GTA 5 Online Flame Mod Menu Features

All of the mod menu’s features are split up into sub menus to make the mnu look more organized. Here are those sub menus:

  • Local player
  • Special options
  • Online options
  • Modder protection
  • Recovery options
  • Online players
  • All online players
  • Vehicle options
  • Weapon options
  • Teleport options
  • Object spawner
  • Miscellaneous
  • ScriptHookV
  • Settings

gta 5 online flame mod menu

How to Use GTA 5 Online Flame Mod Menu

  1. Download the GTA 5 Online Flame Mod Menu rar archive which contains the cheat itself and the needed assets
  2. Upload the Flame folder from the archive (Click Here) to C: \. These are assets
  3. In the files that you’ve extracted you will find a folder named “Flame” which is the assets folder. Copy that and paste it in your C: drive
  4. Throw 2 dll cheats from the attached archive into C: \ Flame
    Throw the dll into the Flame folder (Click Here) – this is the dll of the cheat itself (it has not changed)
  5. Throw the second dll into the Flame folder (this dll can be downloaded below) – this is the crack itself
  6. Copy the dlls as well and paste them into the C:Flame folder that you’ve just pasted
  7. Download an injector from our website
  8. Start GTA 5 and go into an online lobby
  9. Run the injector you’ve downloaded and inject the FlameMenuGTA.dll into GTA V
  10. Enjoy and stay safe out there!

Developer Notes for GTA 5 Online Flame Mod Menu

After I ran the cheat for GTA but it refused to work and I told the management team of the project about it, to which they replied that everything was fine with the cheat and  only I have problems running it.

When examining EXE connections of the cheat, it was found that the DLL was trying to connect to Oksana’s brain, which doesn’t exist (it turns out this is an old Pineboard brain). The DLL itself does not notify the user in any way in the event of an authorization failure. So you can understand that the management team blatantly lied to me that everything is working for them with the cheat. But I patched this misunderstanding, so the mod menu works contrary to the original cheat.

I hope this hack will be useful for everyone and things like garbage pastes from public resources with creating the appearance of many functions are no longer sold (not yet functional). For this project, I will not pursue them and punish them for their mistakes if the project is still discovered.

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