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GTA 5 Online Unlimited XP Hack with Kiddion’s Modest Menu

UNDETECTED GTA 5 Online Unlimited XP Hack with Kiddion's Modest Menu

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Jonizz

GTA 5 Online Unlimited XP Hack is a way to earn unlimited amount of experience with the free external Kiddions Mod Menu

If you are not already familiar with it Kiddion’s Modest Menu is the only external mod menu for GTA 5 Online that is free and undetected at the same time. Meaning that you simply opening it will not cause any problems by flagging your accoutn or anything. But do note that specific features can be dangerous (such as money dropping)

With this GTA 5 Online Unlimited XP Hack tutorial that we hhave provided down below, you can use Kiddions effectively to earn yourself infinite amount of RP to level up to any level that you want.

gta 5 online unlimited xp hack with kiddion's modest menu

GTA 5 Online Unlimited XP Hack | Instructions

  1. Go on to the Kiddion’s Modest Menu page on our website and download Kiddions Mod Menu if you have not already. Make sure you also follow the instructions on there to see how you can actually use this menu before following this tutorial
  2. Launch Grand Theft Auto 5 if you have not already
  3. Open Kiddions Mod Menu and go to the “Tunables” section where you can find all the tunable stuff and put your RP Multiplier to 100 or less than that if you don’t want to level up that quickly
    But do note that if you put it to any number higher than 100 you will not get any rp
  4. Download Teleport.json (Click the download button down below)
  5. Extract Teleport.json to your “modest-menu” folder and overwrite the existing file
  6. Go to Teleport > Custom Location and select “Start”
    You should now have gotten teleported to the time trial.
  7. Start the time trial and select “Finish” on the menu
    Now you repeat the steps by teleporting back and forth
  8. Enjoy your RP 🙂

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Comments (3)

  1. 184891

    One of the best free menus I’ve with so many features it’s a must have menu in my opinion
    and even with all that it has been undetected for ages been using it for months now and still haven’t been
    banned that’s only if you play safe and not retarded.

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