GTA V HACK BunkerMoney

gta v hack bunkermoney

 Version: 1.52

 Developers: Mawk

Hello Guys, Do you have questions about the GTA 5 money cheat? How about the cheats for GTA Online? here is GTA V HACK BunkerMoney and you are not Alone anymore. With any game as popular and comprehensive as GTA 5, it is inevitable that people will start looking for ways to get everything as quickly as possible.

Most of the previous games in the Grand Theft Auto series include some kind of money cheat that gives your character an instant cash bonus and then you can easily use it to buy anything in the game. GTA 5 has a lot of things to buy – cars, weapons, properties, upgrades, clothing, businesses – and GTA Online boosts this greatly thanks to its DLC. There are also a lot of single player cheats available – but is there one for the money?

GTA V HACK BunkerMoney Instructions:

Open (obviously)
Before you sell while in bunker press and not on laptop B + R
you should hear a triple single tone beep. you can double check if you want there should be a trayicon if you rightclick you should see lastMoneyInBunker equal to the money in your bunker.


After the call of bunker guy press B + P
you should hear an “enable” sound

now you can deliver normally or look one section down

no need to close this you can do this as many times as you want just B+R & B+P (fun i choose the keys cos i though this stands for BUNKER+READ & BUNKER+PATCH)

All helper functions need the X key to be pressed

X + 1(NOT NUMPAD): Teleport Objective (very useful for fast delivery)
X + 2(NOT NUMPAD): Teleport Waypoint (same)
X + E: Held weapon explosive bullets
X + W: remove Wanted Level
X + G: enables/disables Godmode



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