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GTA V SYSLX MOD MENU v3.4.0 [1.68 Online]


 Last Version: 22/04/2024

 Developers: syslgame

GTA V SYSLX MOD MENU Free has been released, it has now unique attributes that aren’t typically included, such as Money drop and Unlockall features. I intend to remove these options once SYSLX VIP and Beta versions are restored. However, for the time being, they will be available in the Free version. Enjoy using it!

GTA V Syslx Mod Menu The free mod menu has two versions: free and paid, however the free version will enough if you only want to troll, unlock, and finish heist tasks. You can utilize another free mod menu available on the mod menus page for stealth.


The GTA V SYSLX MOD MENU is quite popular in the GTAV Modding & Hacking Scene since it has a clean design, is very stable, and includes many very helpful features like as recovery, trolling, and even basic protection options. This GTA V SYSLX MOD MENU also has a VIP version that unlocks even more Features.

gta v syslx mod menu

  • ALL Unlocks: Want to unlock guns, vehicles, tattoos, clothing, and other items? The Epsilon menu has all unlocks covered.
  • RP Rank Boost: Tired of being mediocre? In a matter of seconds, our trainer will allow you to modify your RP rank to whatever you wish.
  • Teleportation: You don’t want to drive across Los Santos? You can now teleport to any player or location in our mod menu.
  • Spawn Vehicles: With our mod menu, you can spawn any car, bike, helicopter, or plane. Thanks to our new functionality, you can even enhance the vehicle before spawning it.
  • Change Clothes: Tired of your existing GTA Online wardrobe? Our menu allows you to change garments whenever and wherever you choose.
  • Get Any Weapon: With our weapon function, you may have all weapons in seconds. You can receive whatever weapon you want in seconds for free.
  • God Mode: Do you want to be unbeatable? You can now do so thanks to our God Mode function. With this option, you will not take any bullet, fire, or fall damage. Untouchable!
  • Aimbot (Auto Aim): The aimbot feature in GTA Online can be extremely useful, as it will automatically aim at your opponent’s head. It can also shoot for you.
  • ESP Wallhack: Do you want to know where your adversaries are at all times? Our ESP hack will allow you to see your adversaries through walls and other obstacles at all times.


SYSLX is a superb free cheat for GTA 5. You may get this cheat for free. This is one of the most popular free hacks on the internet. Because the mod menu is updated on a regular basis, we are also updating it on our website. Make sure to check the website on a daily basis. This cheat is undiscovered and extremely difficult for anti-cheat software to detect.

gta v syslx mod menu

This GTA V Cheat is the most effective. I’ve been using it for a few days and it’s fantastic. I recommend that everyone utilize it.

  1. Download GTA V SYSLX MOD MENU For GTA V Online Undetected from the provided link in the end of this post.
  2. Extract the downloaded Syslx.rar file using WinRAR, if you want WinRAR full version free we have a link in the end.
  3. Start GTA V and launch story mod first [IMP].
  4. Open the syslgame Injector.exe and enter as dll name: “SYSLX Free.dll”, then hit enter and wait until its injected. (GTA V already needs to be open!)
  5. Now open syslx Injector.exe as administrator and wait it will do the process automatically.
  6. To open the Menu Press “F4” or “Num *”


  • Try to inject while GTA V is in borderless or window mode.
  • First, click the “Download” button. If any pop-ups appear, close them.
  • Then click the download button until a 30 second timer appears. Get your download link on the Pop-up Page!
  • If you still can’t download the files, please join our Discord server. We will be there to assist you.
  • If the file requires a password, this is Archive Password: 123 <3

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