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Helldivers 2 Free Cheat Menu | Health Hack, No Cooldown, Infinite Ammo & More

UNDETECTED Helldivers 2 Free Cheat Menu

 Last Version: 03/04/2024

 Developers: SquadZLeader

Helldivers 2 Free Cheat Menu is the most feature-packed hack for the sequel to the Helldivers game. This trainer menu will give you access to the best of the best features that you absolutely need in order to become a better, and possibly the best, player in Helldivers 2 in just a few simple steps, without having to grind anything in the game.

With all the recent free cheats and hacks surfacing for Helldivers 2, there seems to be a lack of a good cheat that contains all the best features of all the other Helldivers 2 hacks out there. Most of the mod menus for Helldivers 2 contain a couple of features here and there that kind of leave you underwhelmed and disappointed, as in order to get more feature-packed experience of Helldivers 2 hacks, you either need to load two or more cheats or simply learn to deal with the one that you have.

Well, that ends today, as this Helldivers 2 Free Cheat Menu simply has every single feature that any hack developer has ever come up with for Helldivers 2. From godmode to infinite stamina, from unlimitable ammo hack to speed hack, from setting the mission time to unlocking all stratagems; this menu has it all!

And on top of that, the Helldivers 2 Free Cheat Menu is kept updated and all you have to in order to get started with it is to have a look at the steps that we have prepared for you, follow them and enjoy the best Helldivers 2 experience that you will ever have had to chance to experience.

How to Use the Helldivers 2 Free Cheat Menu

  1. Download the Helldivers 2 Free Cheat Menu files from the download button you can find below this post
  2. Extract the files into any directory you want
  3. Make sure you have –use-d3d11 in your startup arguments (in Steam)
  4. Make sure the game is not running and you are not using any overlay of sorts (such as Discord overlay)
  5. Copy helldivers2.dll to your bin folder
  6. Rename helldivers2.dll to one of the following file names:
    • version.dll
    • bcrypt.dll
    • dxgi.dll
  7. Boot up the game. If you hear the beep, then it is working. Press INS key when you are on the ship then you should be able to see the menu
  8. Enjoy!

helldivers 2 free cheat menu 1

Helldivers 2 Free Cheat Menu Full Features List

Features Player

  • Inf Stamina
  • Inf Ammo / Inf Ammo Legit
  • Inf Grenade / Inf Grenade Legit
  • Inf Stim / Inf Stim Legit
  • Inf Backpack
  • Inf Stratagem
  • Take no Damage / Set your health value
  • Player Speed


  • No Reload
  • No Recoil
  • No Sway
  • No Laser Cannon Overheat
  • Instant Charge – Damage Stats Editor


  • Advanced Stratagems Replacement


  • Reduce Enemy Aggro
  • Show All Map Icons – Vault/Bunker Left Door Only
  • Set Total Sample
  • Set Next Sample Pick Up Value
  • Set Mission Time – Set Max Extraction Time


  • Replace Planets


  • Unlock All Stratagems/Equipment/Armor
  • No Jetpack Cooldown
  • No Stationary Turret
  • No Backpack Shield Cooldown
  • Inf Mech Ammo

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Comments (3)

  1. 60485

    Not working. before was update and patching it work fine. but after new pathing and with new dll still not working. all overlay was disable

  2. 439530

    Doesnt work i followed instuctions and nothing happens

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