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Helldivers 2 Free Cheat Trainer | Infinite Ammo & Grenade

UNDETECTED Helldivers 2 Free Cheat Trainer

 Last Version: 15/05/2024

 Developers: AstraW

Helldivers 2 Free Cheat Trainer is the only single hack you need if you are interesting in and are looking for a simple ammo and grenades hack to improve your gameplay

What is the Helldivers 2 Free Cheat Trainer?

The Helldivers 2 Free Cheat Trainer is a cheat table that modifies the game’s code and allows you to activate various cheats, such as infinite ammo and grenades. This means that you can fire your weapons and throw your explosives without worrying about running out of them. This can be very useful in situations where you are outnumbered, outgunned, or just want to cause some mayhem. The Cheat Engine trainer is compatible with the latest version of Helldivers 2, and it works for both single-player and co-op modes.

This is a powerful free trainer that can help you complete missions, fight enemies, and have fun in this brand new third-person shooter in which as a Helldiver, you are part of an elite military force that is sent to various planets to fight against alien threats and defend the peace of your own planet.

helldivers 2 free cheat trainer

How to Use the Helldivers 2 Free Cheat Trainer


  • Usable in Single/Multi both
  • You may follow the video and You have to do it fast and clear.
  • Do not take your engine opened fully (GG will disconnect you).
  • If you have toggled script. Close your engine.
  • Don’t wait until the lobby shows.
  • Do it while Hackdivers2 is on the loading screen.
  • If the GG detects you, it is probably because you did not follow the instructions
  • Do it fast and clean


  1. Download the cheat files from the download button below
  2. Open Cheat Engine, use any kind of uce. it doesn’t have be bypass the engine. It’s ok for just a few modified engines
  3. if your modified engine can’t load the CT file, open your engine, goto autoassembler and add the script to the table. Manually and save the ct file for your own engine.
  4. You can edit the script by click drag and put it in notepad.exe or editable software
  5. Or you can simply follow the video below:
  6. Enjoy and have fun!

In conclusion, the Helldivers 2 Free Cheat Trainer is a fun and easy way to enhance your Helldivers 2 gameplay. It gives you infinite ammo and grenades, as well as other cheats that can make you invincible, fast, or powerful. You can download it for free from a reliable source, and use it with a simple keystroke.

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