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Kirka.io Kirka Hack Script: Aimbot, Unlimited Ammo, GodMode 2022

UNDETECTED Kirka Hack Script

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: infi

Many gamers are interested in Kirka.io Kirka Hack Script, but they don’t know how to get them. Well, besides for searching for the most popular sites there, and maybe getting some errors, you might not end up with any results. That’s why we’re here, we’ll tell you how to download this hack without getting scammed. Installing the hacks is pretty easy, and I’ll show you how right here in just a few minutes.

No matter what your reasons for playing Kirka.io, you’ll have a better experience if you use Kirka Hacks. Getting into top ten is much easier when you have unlimited ammo and aimbot. Unlimited ammo will make it easy to get the required number of kills when you play in order to rank up, and having an aimbot makes it much easier to win.

How to use Kirka Hack Script ?

  1. Download the Kirka.io Kirka Hacks
  2. Install Tempermonkey to your chrome browser
  3. Copy the Kirka Hack Script code.
  4. Paste it to your Tempermonkey script area.
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About Kirka.io

Kirka.io has been the most popular game in the .IO games category ever since it was released. This genre of game is growing so fast that its popularity grows with every passing day. Most people might think that these are just another shooter game to waste time in, but they are wrong. These games are not as easy as they look, especially Kirka.io because it requires you to have certain strategy and thinking skills.



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  1. 186486

    all my other hacks an s**t work just not this one

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    hi guys do great on you games if you guys rich number 1000000 you will comment on dream is the best youtuber in the world byee

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    Do you have to have a PC? Im on my school computer.

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    how to open the cheat menu ?

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