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KNKCHEATS INJECTOR | The fastest injection of 2023


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: KNKCHEATS

Hello guys, welcome to KNKCHEATS INJECTOR! If you are reading this it means that you have at least some knowledge of CSGO game and that you know what CSGO cheating is. And if you know all this, congratulations because a lot of people have no idea CSGO stands for “Counter Strike Global Offensive” and they think it is some kind of car or a big machine with diesel engine. But, as we are not dealing with cars or engines today but with CSGO cheats and hacks, let’s get to it.


  1. Download KNKCHEATS INJECTOR From here or knkcheats.cf
  2. unZip it (Password : 123)
  3. Run it as admin
  4. Enter Your Game name without (.exe)
  5. Put Your Cheat DLL in (DLLFolder) / if you dont know where is it just open The injector Then click on Button DLLFolder .
  6. in Next Step Write your DLL Name (name.dll)
  7. Click on Inject


VAC bypass | and how to use ?

  1. You Need to close Any Working game on Steam .
  2. Run KNKCHEATS INJECTOR as admin
  3. Check mark on (bypass VAC ) / Then click on OK
  4. Note : its not safe you From Banned 100% ! its Just for Avoid VAC errors and bugs When You Inject Dll cheat. in csgo or TF2 .. etc (Valve Games)

My Free CSGO Cheat Proje: (KnKCheats External)
My Web Site: https://knkcheats.cf/


  • full recoded injector
  • add Normal injection
  • add Manualmap injection
  • updated vac bypass (so fast)

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