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Le Chiffre External CSGO Hack


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Hiroshi97

Hi Guys, With this awesome Le Chiffre CSGO External Hack you have very little risk of getting banned. I actively use the hack myself and it’s a really smooth legit hack. This External CSGO Hack includes some basic Anti VAC features.

To minimise risk of getting VAC banned, YOU HAVE TO at least to rename the cheat’s .exe file and change it’s MD5 hash (using Hash Manager, for instance).


Cheat functions for External CSGO Hack:

F2 – Bunnyhop
F3 – No flashbang
F4 – Aimbot
F6 – Activate trigger bot
LAlt – Use trigger bot
F8 – Enemy glow ESP
F9 – Radar hack
END – Panic mode (exits cheat immediately)


Changelog :

v1.09 –> v2.00:
– Updated game memory offsets.
– Probably fixed glitch when all the configs got reset after minimising the cheat.

Virustotal report – https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/23d81ab617db93c6f4f932547298ae8d87423bc6f2ec60c3fd0a9a1785d947ae/detection

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