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Free League of Legends Hack – Camera Tool Free LOL ZoomHack

UNDETECTED Free League of Legends Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: serge

Hello, everyone, a lot of people were asking me to post something about Free League of Legends Hack , So here I am posting a new and working cheat for LOL,  the Free League of Legends Hacks its a really good cheat with a lot of features. I will tell you every step clearly how to use it and everything, but please don’t abuse this cheat just use it for fun.

free league of legends hack

If you don’t know how to cheat in games and you are new to everything please stop here and don’t use it because there is a risk of getting banned.You can download the Free Camera Tool for League of Legends game from our website. The purpose of this cheat is to increase the size of the map so that you can pre-determine the location of your enemies. You will not be banned for using this tool, at least for now.

league of legends hack

How to use for League of Legends Hack:

league of legends hack

Open Camera Tool and change “Displacament” for 8 or more.

Updated Note Free League of Legends Hack

  • Updated download link with V2
  • Added ZoomHack bypass for current patch and offset for it to Offsets.ini
  • ZoomHack stays running in the background so you don’t need to worry about relaunching it each game
  • Improved scroll-wheel interactions
  • No open handles to League of Legends
  • Obfuscated League of Legends related strings

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  1. 131710

    doesn’t work

  2. 482782

    This doesn’t work anymore.. Need update.

  3. 259043

    how do i open the menu?

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