League of Legends Valak Client Hack

league of legends valak client hack

 Version: 5.6

 Developers: Codex & B3akers

League of Legends Valak Client Hack

provides you with skin changing,League of Legends Valak Client Hack rank changing, insta lock, auto-accept, and many other benefits. For example, does a friend of yours want to play the same character like you? That's when you turn on the insta lock feature in the league of legends valak client and it quickly locks the hero you want to you. In this way, you can play with any hero you want. If this cheat is not enough for you and you want to use different league of legends cheats, just click here. This link will send you to another league of legends cheats on the CheaterMAD site.

Valak Client – Auto Accept / Insta Lock / Skin Changer / Chat Rank Changer

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Functions League of Legends Valak Client Hack
  •  Skin Changer – Module: Allow you to change your skin in-game. (Press INSERT in-game to open valak menu)
  • Auto says lane: If enabled, say one lane in a chat of the normal game.
  • Auto Accept: Accept automatically matches.
  • Rank Chat Changer: Change your tier rank on League of Legends Chat description (SOLO/DUO)
  • Instant Lock: Automatic pick your champion on a normal game.
  • Auto remove friends request: Remove automatically friends requests.
  • Auto accepts friends request: Accept automatically friends requests.
  • Restart League of Legends Client: Restart your client, without quit from the champion selection.

Valak Client League of Legends Valak Client Hack – Change Logs



v5.1.4.4 – Jun 11 2021

  • + Updated: Updated Valak Client and Skin Changer to League 11.12 (All skins released included).
  • + Added: Aram Booster – Activate the skin bonus for your team, without spending your RP.

v5.1.4.3 – May 27 2021

  • + Updated: Updated Valak Client and Skin Changer to League 11.11 (All skins released included).

v5.1.4.2 – May 21 2021

  • + Added: Menu type for skin changer (Internal or External)
  • + Fixed: Item sets clear in new version of the League Client
  • + Fixed: Champion lock bug.
  • + Fixed: Auto ready bug.
  • + Added: Many protections in skin module.
  • + Updated: Updated Valak Client and Skin Changer to League 11.10 (All skins released included).

v5.1.4.1 – April 29 2021

  • + Added: timer set for Auto Say function.
  • + Fixed: high CPU usage when looking ofr the league of legends process
  • + Fixed: bug with Valak Client not detecting League of Legends after restarting by "Restart League of Legends" function
  • + Fixed: bug on change insta lock champion
  • + Added: option to disconnect the Valak Client on game start (for low computer settings, reducing memory consuming)
  • + Added: otpion to clear item sets every account switch
  • + Added: icon changer to hidden icons.
  • + Improvements: Insta Lock system
  • + Improvements: Detection system.
  • + Updated: Valak Client to League of Legends 11.9
  • * Skin Module: Some fixes in Sona Psy Ops
  • * Skin Module: Fixed Kindred mark in map.
  • * Skin Module: Fixed Zed Galaxy Slayer Animation
  • * Skin Module: Added option to disable loaded succesfully sound
  • * Skin Module: Updated ImGui Framework to 1.82 (More fast)
  • * Skin Module: Updated Skin Module to League of Legends 11.9
  • * Skin Module: Addeded skins: DWG Jhin, DWG Nidalee, DWG Kennen, DWG Leona, DWG Twisted Fate, Conqueror Jax, and Conqueror Jax Prestige Edition

Version 5.5 – 11/08/2021 – League of Legends Valak Client Hack!
SkinChanger – Changes
Fixed: Crash in game when viego ally/enemy took a form.
Fixed: Crash in game when rammus cast spell with W enabled.
Fixed: Crash in game when twitch attack an enemy.
Fixed: crash issue when injecting skin module in game (on some computers)
Fixed: Crash in game on use Lux Dark Skin, Ice Skin, and Sona Psy Ops.
Optimized: FPS in game.
Updated: Offsets to newest League version. (11.16)

Valak Client – Changes
Fixed: When a match was refused, the valak could not accept the next match.
Fixed: High CPU usage when valak was looking for league of legends to load skin module.
Optimized: Disconnect system – Valak now quickly detects when you log-out from your account.
Added: Offline Chat Mode
Added: Automatic update when buying a new champion (list will update automatically).
Added: DirectX Changer(for skin changer) (Dx11 or Dx9). Valak detect automatic DirectX but you can change manually mode in Valak. (This will change your DirectX in game!)

Version 5.6
This new version have support for PBE and Chinese version!
Added Offset updater!


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