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League of Legends Profile Tool | MultiClient, Token Remove, Account Info & More

UNDETECTED League of Legends Profile Tool

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: AECX

League of Legends Profile Tool is software that lets you scrape account information from the logged in LoL account among many other features.

League of Legends is one of the most popular and competitive online games in the world, with over 140 champions to choose from and multiple game modes to enjoy. Whether you play on the Summoner’s Rift, the ARAM or the Teamfight Tactics, you always want to have an edge over your opponents and show off your skills and style.

But what if you could enhance your gaming experience even more with a powerful and ethical hack that gives you access to amazing features and benefits? That’s what the League of Legends Profile Tool can do for you!

The League of Legends Profile Tool is a unique and innovative hack that allows you to customize your profile in ways that are not possible with the official client. You can use the MultiClient feature to log into multiple accounts at once and switch between them easily. You can use the Token Remove feature to delete unwanted tokens from your inventory and free up space. You can use the Account Info feature to view detailed information about your accounts, such as level, rank, champions, skins, runes, etc.

How to Use the League of Legends Profile Tool

  1. Download the free cheat from below
  2. Extract the files from the downloaded the archive
  3. Make that the League client is running and you are logged in to a Riot account
  4. Run the extracted League Profile Tool
  5. Use the features mentioned however you want & enjoy!

league of legends profile tool

League of Legends Profile Tool Features

  • Get Account Info
    It creates a text list consisting of the following (in order):

    • Champions owned (exclude free to play)
    • Skins owned
    • Loot (other loot information is not shown, but these are probably the most important)
    • Champions (champion shards in loot)
    • Skins (Skin shards)
    • Blue Essence/IP
    • Riot Points
  • Delete Tokens
    This lets you remove the Tokens that you see in Queueattachment
  • Un/Lock Settings
    When multi-accounting it can be useful to Lock the game settings so that you don’t have to remember all the small details about your preferences.
    Make sure to enter a practice tool with your desired settings first, then lock them.
  • Batch Unfriend
    Allows you to unfriend multiple people with one click, simply select the summoners you want to remove and click “unfriend”attachment
  • Open Anohter Client
    Opens a 2nd, 3rd, … Client each time you click on it.

This tool is not just a simple tool for League of Legends to , it’s a tool that helps you optimize your performance and enjoyment of the game. You can use it to manage your accounts, organize your inventory, and discover new possibilities. You can also use it to impress your friends and foes with your rare skins and champions.

The best part is that the League of Legends Profile Tool is ethical and respectful of the game’s rules and community. It does not interfere with the gameplay or give you an unfair advantage over other players. It does not modify or damage any game files or data. It does not violate any terms of service or privacy policies. It simply enhances your profile and lets you have more fun with the game.

If you are interested in trying out the League of Legends Profile Tool, you can download it from right now and follow the instructions to install it on your Windows PC. It is easy to use and compatible with all versions of the game!


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