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League of Legends Xepher Script 2021 Free Downlaod

OUTDATED League of Legends Xepher Script 2021 Free Downlaod

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Xepher

League of Legends Xepher Script 2021 Free Downlaod

League of Legends Xepher Script is an external undetected script for League of Legends with auto evade / dodge and champion scripts.

Xepher is an external script for League of Legends that works externally. It’s coded in Python and it has almost all of the features that an internal script has aswell. These include; champion scripts, auto spells, auto smite, WS+ baseult, champion tracker, visuals (drawing and such), evade+, map awareness, WS+ orbwalker, skill tracker and vision tracker.

Unfortunately not all champions’ auto skillshots are supported at the moment but more will hopefully be added in the next update. You can find a list of currently supported champions down below. The list will be updated whenever a new champion is supported.

How to Install & Use League of Legends Xepher Script

Note: DirectX11 must be installed in your system!

  • Install Pyhton 3.9.0 if you don’t have it installed on your computer:
    Check “Add to PATH” while installing
  • Open cmd (WINDOWS KEY + R, TYPE “cmd” and run) and do:
    pip install pywin32
    Now do:
    pip install requests
  • You can close cmd
  • Open config.ini and change GameplayScripts directory to the directory the folder is in
  • Run winstealer.exe
  • Start League of Legends and go into a game
  • Press INSERT to open menu in game
  • If anything appears red just reload addon
  • Champion Scripts
  • Zoom Hack [Currently not working]
  • Auto Spell
  • Auto Smite
  • WS+ Baseult [Jinx, Ezreal, Senna…]
  • Champion Tracker
  • Visuals
  • Evade+
  • Map Awareness
  • WS+ Orbwalker
  • Skill Tracker
  • Vision Tracker
Supported Champions

These are the current champions that are support by the League of Legends Xepher Script

  • Ashe
  • Gwen
  • Irelia
  • Jinx
  • Kai’Sa
  • Kalista
  • Katarina
  • Kog’Maw
  • Samira
  • Twitch
  • Vayne
  • Yasuo
  • Yone
  • and more in the future
Developer Notes

Gwen.py Currently doesn’t work so don’t use it.
Dual monitor problem that was present in Winstealer is fixed in this fork
Zoomhack doesn’t work simply cause I am planning on removing it or reworking it.
Minimap awareness is also currently not functioning the way I want it to but this will be reworked shortly

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  1. 82687

    windows can’t find the file winstealer please make sure the file name is correct

  1. 184627

    Apenas voy a probar league of legends pero no quiero usar hacks así que si me das unos consejos de juego te lo agradecería, solo pido eso master

  2. 166475

    Password 123 is incorrect

  3. 117514

    설명이 애매하고 명확하지가 않다

  4. 114457

    reloading and waiting for encryption, then disappear

  5. 108330

    the path instalation is not clear, pls help me to install

  6. 103654

    this is terrible

  7. 4890

    dont working the scripts

  8. 82687

    What is the unzip password?

  9. 65990

    can u add talon and maybe mordekaiser ?

  10. 49042
    I open WinStealer it runs for a bit and then closes
  11. 41889

    fun fact xepher isnt the developer but the cheat name

  12. 41787

    download just links to discord. tried multiples times but it did just link to teh discord server, (i joined)

  13. 41590

    download isnt working

  14. 46712
    does it forbid ?
  15. 46480

    when i open winstealer nothing happens, it says press any key to exit

  16. 37816

    i pressed space in game and dont atack enemys from ashe, last hit and haras dont work too

  17. 31337

    can you make a video?

    I’m Brazilian and I got really complicated just reading

  18. 41889

    is hard to make it work but try to read more and more what the tutorial say <3

  19. 1480

    can someone please help me from cheat on leauge of legends

  20. 36478

    xepher scr4pt more like i stole a scri4p just renamed to xepher xd jesus

  21. 17943

    he didn’t word work
    maybe a update can fix that

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