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Lethal Company Free Internal Cheat | God Mode, Teleport, Kill All & More


 Last Version: 16/02/2024

 Developers: winstxnhdw

Lethal Company Free Internal Cheat is the single best hack to offer the most cheat features, including god mode, kill all, teleport, credit hack and so much more!

What is a Lethal Company Free Internal Cheat?

A Lethal Company Free Internal Cheat is a hack that modifies the game’s code to give you access to features that are normally unavailable or restricted. For example, you can use a this cheat to enable god mode, which makes you invincible to any damage. You can also use it to activate teleport, which allows you to go to any place on the map, be it through walls and objects. You can even use it to kill players and creatures, and get rid of them as you wish.

This hack is different from an external cheat, which is a separate program that runs alongside the game and interacts with it. An internal cheat is more stealthy and effective, as it is injected directly into the game’s memory and becomes part of it. An internal cheat is also more customizable and powerful, as it can access and modify any aspect of the game’s code.

How to Get the Lethal Company Free Internal Cheat?

Getting the Lethal Company free internal cheat is easier than you might think. You don’t need to pay anything or download any shady software.

Execute launch.bat when you have launched the game to inject the assembly into the game process. Avoid doing this more than once per instance.

To get the free Lethal Company cheat, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Obviously, download the cheat files from the download button below
  2. Once it is downloaded on your PC, extract the files into any directory of your choice
  3. Launch Lethal Company
  4. Run inject.bat file from the directory
  5. Press Insert to toggle menu
  6. Enjoy and have fun!

lethal company free internal cheat

Lethal Company Free Internal Cheat Features

  • Self Cheats
    • Object, Player, Enemy ESP
    • Fast Climb – Climb ladders fast (useless feature tbh)
    • God Mode – not for things that instant kill
    • Super Jump – Lets you jump really really high
    • Infinite Sprint
    • Add XP – Add 100 xp. (I think this works. Idk how XP works in this game.)
  • Other Player Cheats
    • Heal – Heal other players to 100 health
    • Kill
    • Spectate – Stuffs your camera in player’s head. (pretty buggy)
    • Teleport
  • Server Cheats
    • Kill Everyone
    • End Game – Makes ship leave. (You have to wait until about 10 seconds after landing)
    • Heal Everyone – Heals a player as soon as they drop below 50 health.
    • Add 300 credits (to the terminal)
    • Heal Everyone
    • Log – An on-screen log that tells you when people die


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