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Minecraft Konas Hacked Client v1.0.1 (Rewrite) Free Download

CRACK Minecraft Konas Hacked Client v1.0.1 (Rewrite) Free Download

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: plutosolutions

Minecraft Konas Hacked Client is an incredible Free to Download Cheat for Minecraft 1.12.2 that has Kill Aura, Bypasses, ESP, Exploits and more

Minecraft Konas Hacked Client is an absolutely great Minecraft Hacked Client that will satisfy all of your cheat features needs in Minecraft, mostly in online multiplayer servers like Hypixel. This hacked client is especially in anarchy servers like 2b2t or 9b9t that run on the Minecraft’s 1.12.2 version which this client is as well. This Free Minecraft Hacked Client is really useful on those kinds of servers as it covers every single function that you will require while playing in those servers.

How to Use Minecraft Konas Hacked Client

  1. Download this Free Cheat for Minecraft
  2. Extract the ‘konsaloader.jar’ java file from the RAR archive that has been downloaded
  3. Paste that file into your .minecraft/mods directory (you need a forge)
  4. Start Minecraft
  5. And enjoy!

P.S.: (ONLY IF COLORS) add -noverify the cheat

minecraft konas hacked client v1.0.1 (rewrite) free download

Developer Notes

When I saw Konas 1.0 I thought that it might actually be good and as a result of 3 months of silence the client might’ve actually become good.

I was quickly disappointed to see that the client actually became worse.

Modules are now even more broken, new GUI styles look very bad, and it looks like 3 months went into making good ESP.

The original Konas still isn’t worth $15, and you can download this Minecraft Konas Hacked Client for free which is still superior compared to the paid one.


  • Konas developers – STILL being retarded and pasting Raion (selling public code is wrong no matter what)
  • mrnv – wasting time to improve Konas loader
  •  fuckyouthinkimboogieman – helping with resources and making the logo
  • Vaimok – providing an account

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