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MIR4 Speed Hack

SOURCE MIR4 Speed Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: CorrM & Reverend99

MIR4 Speed Hack

MIR4 Speed Hack is a cheat that gives you more speed in the free-to-play MMORPG game MIR4 that in August 2021 on Mobile and on PC

About MIR4

Contact me the open world of me and start your adventure. You can play your way. Enjoy the quiet life of hunting, collection and processing, or join a powerful clan to participate in Largescale PVP with other allies and enemies. Conquers the hidden valley and collect taxes on the benefits of the territory, put a reward on an enemy and let the allies help you hunt your enemy, participate in a 50player raid and get a rare booty, explains the war of the enemies of the clan , participate in the passes of the castle there are so many content, everyone will help your character grow in the world of me. Anyone who chooses, the story of him will be legendary.

Download our MIR4 Speed Hack and inject it into the game to maximize the fun you have while playing the game!

mir4 speed hack
mir4 speed hack

Characters Classes
Choose from the 4 classes that adapt to your style of play. Who chooses, a legend will be resurrected.
Warrior pulverizes enemies with a big sword.
Wizard magical exercise with the power of the elements.
Taoist supports group members with divine spells of relaxation.
Lancer is a specialist who can attack and defend themselves at the same time with a long lance.

Free Loot System
MIR4 has created a free unprecedented loot system in which everyone has the right to claim the booty, including players who have not participated in the elimination of the monster. This only applies to the special loot in the treasure chest and players have 30 seconds to protect the boot while others have 30 seconds to combat the right to claim the loot. Not only by leaning on Fortunately. Strategies and alliances will play an important role in claiming a special sacking.

mir4 on steam

How to Install MIR 4 Speed Hack?

  1. Download the MIR4 Speed Hack 
  2. Extract the files from the RAR archive
  3. Start MIR4
  4. Download an injector from our website
  5. Inject the dll into the game when you loaded your character in the world
  6. Enjoy and have fun!


Here’s the source code I created for Mir4 when I was having fun with it.

What it does: It teleports to the available nearest treasure at Secret Peak 4F/5F.
Note: this is not up to date. Just update the offsets or use SDK.

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Comments (41)

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  1. 68465

    SazInjector working but hack not working

  1. 122136

    Its only a visual speed – not a real game speedhack. But thanks for updating it. Hope it will be real speedhack soon.

  2. 86626

    Great job on creating this but to be honest its useless, unless you want to speed through the game. thats about it.

  3. 104995

    Yes it works for visual only. not in real speedhack.

  4. 121769

    The game accelerates only visually , in fact there is no acceleration

  5. 1

    An Important Question : Which injector should I use?
    EZ Reply: you can use Universal Unreal Engine injector

  6. 104995

    Sir CorrM – please update MIR4. Thanks.

  7. 104995

    Hello – Please update the cheat.Thank you.

  8. 105404

    nao aparece como faz funcionar faz um toturial video

  9. 96513

    speedhack doesnt work when i inject, nothing happens

  10. 91900

    can you make a hack for this game? because the provided one doesnt work and game is full of hackers and bots, how is possible no hack in the internet? There must be a trick for that im sure.Game is free to play and full of hackers , so im sure there is some hacks out there.

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