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osu bruh Replay Player Hack 2023

OUTDATED osu bruh Replay Player Hack 2021

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Sasuke

osu bruh Replay Player Hack 2023

osu bruh Replay Player Hack is an internal replay player for the game osu! where you can download other peoples replays, and put them in the bot to play the replays back as you.

osu!bruh will not work with modified clients such as the ainu cheat client.

If the program name of osu! is not “osu!” this cheat will not work.

Is osu!bruh a virus?

– no, antivirus detections are false positives.

osu bruh Replay Player Hack 2023 – Features

  • Flip [If the replay you are using was originally played with the HR mod and you want to play the replay as if it was played with no mods, click “flip da replay”. This can also be done if you want the replay to be played with hr if it was played no mod although it may not play back as well.]
  • Automatic file select [Some other hacks require you to drag the replay into the cheat to open it but osu!bruh has a feature where you can put the replay file in the hack with a few clicks of a button]
  • Fullscreen Friendly [This hack can be used when you are in fullscreen unlike most other replay copy cheats]
  • Bypass [This hack has a bypass injection system to make it completely undetected]

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How to use the osu bruh Replay Player Hack 2021

  1. Download and extract the files (turn off antivirus if needed)
  2. Run osu! and then open the cheat
  3. download any replay that you want to play as your own
  4. Press “click to set da replay”
  5. it should open up your files, If you downloaded the replay from the osu website or anywhere other than in the game, navigate to your downloads folder. If you downloaded the replay from in the game by pressing F2 then you will have to find your osu! replays folder and select the replay from there.
  6. Once you have selected the replay you want to copy, you can play the song and it should play the replay for you!

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  1. 41112

    bless unleashed hack pls pls pls

  1. 241736

    what to do if ​​stops working osu bruh Replay Player Hack

  2. 241736

    что делать если перестало работать osu bruh Replay Player

  3. 238328

    что делать если перестал работать ваш osu bruh Replay Player Hack

  4. 291178

    doesn’t work

  5. 183879

    can someone help me it works but its not hitting the beats right and its messing up?? ill send a video

  6. 98104

    im banned for 6 months, any info on how i can make a new account without being banned?

  7. 74433

    also, if you are already banned on bancho and got reported on reddit and you don’t mind, can i see the report to see why and how you got yourself banned?

  8. 118844

    Currently outdated? In the latest version, after injection, Osu’s window will turn completely black, and the cheater won’t work when the game start.

  9. 98104

    I daily play 400pps maps and got banned for a 300pp map like i couldve done this without the cheat!!!! any spoofer? i was top 10K with 8K pps. I need a spoofer badly.

    • 74433

      You will get banned using this cheat if you are blatant with it. Examples of being blatant woth it are if you have copied someones replay in the top 1k on leaderboards without flipping the cheat. people could easilly find the similarities using circleguard and report you. Use replays off of private servers or flip the replays to not get reported. You couldent have gotten banned by the game either since its completely undetected. About the spoofer, if you have been banned on your acc for cheating before or your account was a multiaccount, any other accounts you attempt to create will most likely get banned as your unique id’s, mac id’s, hwid’s and way more as well as your ip will get tracked back as you. If you havent been banned before, try looking for the spoofer called o!machine although you will need to find a seperate unique id changer and vpn as well as reinstalling osu.

    • 74433

      Or, if you dont plan on cheating again and this is your first offense,you could just wait 3 months and try to appeal to accounts.ppy@sh

    • 26028

      i have a spoofer add me on discord so i can send it i will also show you how to ues it my @ is Frogs are Frogs#7522

    • 74433

      What did you do with the cheat, how much pp were u getting, how old is hour account? Those are all factors. This cheat is completely undeted by the game so if you got banned, you had to of been using this cheat blatantly.

  10. 80734

    so i clikc and set the replay, then what? how to activate this? i mean i try to play and it do nothin.

  11. 41112

    bless unleashed hack pls pls pls

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