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Moonlight Uno – Free Legit CS:GO Cheat | Jan 02/28

OUTDATED Moonlight Uno - Free Legit CS:GO Cheat 2021

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: by xey#0009

Moonlight Uno – Free Legit CS:GO Cheat:

Moonlight Uno is a kind of known Legit Cheat for CSGO that is a half pasted cheat which is actually paid, but here, you can download it for FREE. Moonlight.Uno is a Legit Cheat/Rage Cheat which costs 5 euro but you can use this crack without spending your money buying this

You might have heard from this hack before. It is pretty much half decent legit cheat with a few rage features that is actually still being sold as a paid cheat which is pretty hilarious considering the fact that this is an obvious copy pasta of Osiris (Which is a quite good open source CS:GO cheat by the way. 10/10, would definitely recommend.).

moonlight uno

Moonlight Uno Features:

Well, what does this cheat offer? Here is an overview of the features this piece of software brings to you:

  • Legit Tab
    • For all the legit features like Aimbot, Backtrack, Legit Anti-aim (AA), RCS, etc.
  • Trigger Tab
    • Pretty much only Triggerbot, nothing that fancy
  • ESP Tab
    • All of your ESP features for Allies, Enemies, Projectiles, Weapons and a little preview windows for Player ESP
  • Chams Tab
    • Good ol’ chams models for players and weapon with a good amount of customization like blinking and stuff
  • Skin Changer
    • Change your weapon and knife skins for some action for your eyes (unfortunately not for others)
  • Misc
    • Bunnyhop, Auto Strafe and other movement features
  • Config
    • Save, load and create configs
  • Rage
    • Not gonna lie, rage is pretty bad, wouldn’t recommend don’t even touch that

How to Use Moonlight Uno:

The installation process is same as any other dll based csgo cheat:

  1. Download Moonlight Uno
  2. Extract the dll file from the archive
  3. Get yourself an injector or a cheat loader from our website
  4. Start CS:GO
  5. Run the injector
  6. Inject the dll into CS:GO
  7. Press Insert [INS] to toggle the menu
  8. And enjoy!

Developer Note:

Cr4ck and fixed in 18 minutes. I decided to cr4ck this again because the loader is still the same shit. He added a protection in the dll, that checks if you have the file “notepad.bin” in the directory C:\Windows

Configs were fixed too, you need to exec the config in the csgo lobby: C:\Users\Username\Documents\cracklight


I hope you guys like cr4ck, also hope that the admin doesn’t get MAD again. Don’t buy this pasta, it’s a waste of money and you can buy something better with the same price

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  1. 184064

    Is this virus or nah

  1. 191714

    There is a password for extract any one know it?

  2. 121818

    xey whats your discord?

  3. 185641

    can somebody help? it pops up a message saying: poor crack user detected, laff

  4. 184064

    Is this virus or nah

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