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Osu! Standart relax hack

DETECTED Standart relax hack

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: midoriwolf

What is Osu Standart relax hack? Well this is better relax & timewarp. Its undetected so you can use it how much you want without get ban. When you use timewarps and other people watching your replay they see it as normal time but you see it in slowmo :). What about relax? Well relax is perfect, no missclicks. Am i safe from viruses? We [ from cheatermad] posts only verifyed hacks so YES your safe from viruses because we people have expensive computers and they don’t wanna destroy them :).


How to use Osu Standart relax hack:

~Download latest version of the hack, extract the downloaded archive into any
~Run osu!rx.exe
~Change any setting you want.
~Select “Start” option in the main menu.
~Go back to osu! and select beatmap you want to play.
~Start playing!

.net framework 4.7.2


~Automatic beatmap detection: you don’t need to alt-tab from osu! to
select beatmap manually, osu!rx will do all the dirty work for you.
~Playstyles: osu!rx has 3 most(?) popular built-in playstyles that you
can select!
~Hit Timing randomization: osu!rx automatically randomizes click timings
depending on whether you’re currently alternating or not.
~HitWindow100 Key: if this key is pressed, osu!rx will widen current hit
timings so you can get more 100s and slightly increase your Unstable Rate.
~HitScan: it will scan for current cursor position and determine whether
relax should hit right now, earlier or later.
~Customizability: pretty much everything that is already fully
implemented can be configured to better suit your needs.
~osu!rewrite support: osu!rx is the first osu!rewrite-compatible hack

Known issues:
Aspire beatmaps are not yet supported.

Important notes:

~If you’re using osu!rewrite and changed its executable name, then change it
in the “osu!manager.ini” file too or else osu!rx will not work with osu!rewrite.
~If you plan on changing executable’s name, then change the name of
“osu!rx.exe.config” too or else it will crash.
~If you see something like “Unhandled exception:
System.IO.FileNotFoundException: …”
follow these steps:
Right click on downloaded archive.
Click “Properties”.
Click “Unblock”.
Click “Apply” and repeat all steps described in How to use section.

Standart relax hack

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  1. 99975

    how do i find the password?

  1. 245547

    its not working anymore

  2. 258314

    Where do i download?

  3. 241493

    worked once, when I try using it again the error “osu!rx failed to Initialize. Memory Scanning Failed.” I’m on Windows 10. Debug Info everything fail apart from “BindingManager result”

  4. 236537

    My cursor doesn’t lock on to the bubbles or the things you are post to hit, is that not part of the hack?

  5. 36680

    used the hack and it is so good, but i got “banned” i dont know if it got detected or was just a temp ban because my account was new

    • 213618

      I just want to ask how long have you had your new ucet? Because if you had a new ucet and you immediately put on a 300pp play it’s of course you’ll get banned.

  6. 192232

    Its working yet again thank lord

  7. 203602

    the pass is 123

  8. 190549

    bro whats the password someone tell me please lol

  9. 136106

    thanks. Still working.

  10. 99975

    how do i find the password?

  11. 83489

    never mind i found it

  12. 83489

    whats the password for the file?

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