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Osu AutoBot


 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: unknown04

Osu AutoBot

What is Osu AutoBot?
– Bot that play whole level for you.

Does it have a virus?
– No.

Does it bannable?
– Only if you tell people that your hacking and if you play very hard levels and get S(ex: 8+star and you get SS)

How to setup:
– Step 1 : Turn off all anti viruses
– Step 2 : Unzip all files and place them in desktop in folder
– Step 3 : Find Songs folder and copy location if this folder [ex:D:Gamesosu!Songs]
– Step 4: run exe file
– Step 5: Paste the location of Folder Songs
– Step 6: Find your song you want to play and select correct difficult
– Step 7: Go to osu settings and find mouse settings from there turn off “Raw input”
– Step 8: Enjoy the autobot

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Comments (21)

Popular Comments
  1. 19437

    can u use in multiplayer?

  1. 242489

    is this real or fake

  2. 101601

    It works but it isn’t clicking anything

  3. 38621

    Doesn’t even work

  4. 22148

    but still fun to use

  5. 19437

    can u use in multiplayer?

  6. 17093

    It doesn’t work

  7. 15625

    Tip Dont use u get banned after 1 game

  8. 15625

    post yt vid tutorial please

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