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Opexx Exploit | Keyless Roblox Executer

UNDETECTED Free Opexx Exploit

 Last Version: 04/12/2022

 Developers: WolfyBoy Games

The most important thing you need while cheating on Roblox is the Free Opexx Exploit . You need exploits to be able to run scripts on Roblox and easily cheat in games. You can be stronger and super than anyone else by cheating in the game. it allows you to get everything you want. Each cheat has its features and they are fun. Free Opexx Exploit keyless. In this way, you can use it easily. Key exploits are tedious and very boring. We have Free Roblox Hack and Cheat content on our site. You can use them in your exploit by browsing them.

How to use Opexx Exploit:

  1. Start OpexX.exe
  2. Open a roblox game
  3. Go to “Options” in opexx
  4. Select the API you want to use (Note: Anemo isn’t working as of now when this was made)
  5. Double click the API for it to work!
  6. Then press inject (it will inject with the API you selected)
  7. Press Inject

Free Opexx Exploit developer’s note.

This is a roblox exploit I made this using visual studio and it uses EasyExploitsAPI, WeAreDevsAPI, AnemoAPI And this is no longer in BETA and I keep up to date with this and I release 1 or 2 updates a day.

And Its KEYLESS! I made a bootstrapper so you can update opexx withought redownloading every time
Press “Open” and it will open the website you have selected copy the download link from the pastebins then paste it and download from mega.NZ

(V3.5 is out now! 4/17/2023)

(Added UI Tab)

(Made It So You Can Change The UI)

(Added Multi Roblox)

(Added Synapse X Looking UI)

(Fixed KatoAPI)

(Bug Fixes)

Opexx Discord
My Youtube

Added New Options And A New UI (Removed Bootstrapper do to it not downloading all the files properly)

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  1. 184812

    it works! nice

  1. 290640

    how do i download it. i dont see where to download it at all.

  2. 215213

    wow now im never dying in piggy

  3. 188886

    Hey so I downloaded the bootstrapper but I don’t have the app. I searched for the files and I couldn’t find them.

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