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Opexx Universal Script SYNAPSE ONLY

UNDETECTED Opexx Universal Script

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: WolfyBoy Games

The new roblox Opexx Universal Script, made in safe mode using Rayfield, is safer and offers you many unique features. now is the time to cheat on roblox and you can join my discord server for more exploits, scripts I added at the end of the article :). Also check out my exploit I posted earlier on this site “Opexx Exploit | Keyless Roblox Executer”

opexx universal script

Some Options Inside of Opexx Universal Script:

  • Potato Quality
  • New GUI Look
  • ESP
  • Xray
  • Create Day Night Time Cycle
  • Force First Person
  • Fix Camera
  • Old Animations
  • SpinBot
  • Bhop
  • Higher Graphic Quality
  • Lower Graphic Quality
  • [slider] Player Size Changer
  • Realistic Camera

Important Note:

This exploit only works for Synapse X
Official My Discord Server: Click Here
Made By WolfyBoy Games -me AKA @@D3N, 44D3N

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