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OpexxADV [Free and keyless Exploit]


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: 44D3N

OpexxADV is the newest exploit made by 44D3N. This exploit has everything you need when it comes to exploiting. Many settings, And design options. we update this exploit frequently. We try to release a new update every 1-2 weeks and if their is nothing to add then we will add some new scripts to the Roblox scripts form. We have a nice basic exploit design so it is simple to use.

screenshot 2023 03 26 021254

OpexxADV Free and keyless Exploit

You can join our discord for support: https://discord.gg/Y497DKAXh2

-Added Multi API Changed Design Fixed Bootstrapper-
-Fixed the api and sent an announcement that we have moved discord servers-

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  1. 386871

    i cant use the cheats after i inject the exploit

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