Osiris SkinChanger + Source Code | Edited By ScarLord

osiris skinchanger

 Version: 11.08.2021

 Developers: Scarlord

Hi everyone, For CheaterMAD Website Members, Sharing Osiris SkinChanger + Source.
It was developed with the open source code of the osiris cheat that everyone knows very well. As you know, people may just like to use SkinChanger. You may be worried about being banned from your CS:GO Main accounts, so I built this CS:GO SkinChanger cheat for you. I will continue to share many more free CS:GO cheats exclusive to Cheatermad website, stay tuned. I’m Scarlord.

Will I be banned with this Osiris SkinChanger?

No, since it’s just skinchanger, I’ve placed the correct offsets and you’re almost at no risk of getting banned.However, do not tell even your closest friends that you are cheating, they may be jealous and report you.If you get a ban, be sure to let us know in the comments and we’ll update the cheat.

How to use This Osiris SkinChanger:
  1. Download Skinchanger Source
  2. Download extream injector : Click Here
  3. Start csgo
  4. Start extream injector as administrator
  5. Inject Osiris.dll
  6. Enjoy

Join my discord server : https://discord.gg/529pMd8wCb



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