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osurx – osu! Relax & Timewarp Hack 2021

OUTDATED osurx - osu! Relax & Timewarp Hack 2021

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: mrflashstudio

osurx – osu! Relax & Timewarp Hack 2021

osurx is an undetected external relax and timewarp hack for osu!standard. Relax hack clicks the circles for you and the timewarp hack makes the map slower or faster based on your settings.

This hack is very easy and it is also very customizable. You can make settings that fits best to your playstyle. Like if you are mouse button player (which is weird) you can set the relax keys to your mouse buttons so that your replays look more legit and convincing. Like I mentioned above the relax hack is undetected but you can always get banned if you quite blatant.

For example if you set insane scores with the relax hack the day you created that osu! account, it will seems very suspicious and you will probably be reported due to multi accounting or blatant relax & warptime hacking.
This is a very real possibility since there are lots people with replay analyze softwares dedicated to find cheaters. There is even a osu! report subreddit on Reddit where people gather proof about players breaking osu!’s rules. Almost all of them being multi accounting and hacks.

osurx – Installation

Follow these simple steps to download and install the hack and you will be good to go:

  1. Download the hack by clicking on the download button you can find at the bottom
  2. After the download is finished, extract the hack out of the .rar archive [password: cheatermad]
  3. You can now either run osu! or the hack. The order doesn’t really matter
  4. After osurx has found the game, you will see the menu which you can navigate through using the number keys on your keyboard
  5. Configure settings to your liking and enjoy 🙂
osurx – Features
  • Relax [Change playstyle, primary / secondary key, double delay, hittiming settings, hitscan settings, etc…]
  • Timewarp [Change timewarp rate; for example 0.5x]
  • And more settings

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Comments (26)

Popular Comments
  1. 17880

    is this even undetected anymore?

  1. 176426

    Well seem’s like lots of people have this problem too ”Memory scanning failed! Try restarting osu!, osu!rx or your computer to fix this issue.
    It that didn’t helped, then report this on GitHub/MPGH.” its either the Hack didnt get any updates anymore or something just broke in the code
    Does anyone have a newer version of it or know’s any kind of solution for it? Would be awesome 😀

  2. 337222

    memory scanning failed. fix pls

  3. 311103

    Memory scanning failed! is there any way to fix it?

  4. 272508

    it’s still undetected

  5. 256867

    scanning for memory accecs failed how to fix that?

  6. 157630

    password is not 123 its changed

  7. 158276

    when i open the menu and click start it says “idling”. Is there anyway I can fix this?

    • 169978

      You are actually brain dead. You have to go into a map. Do you know what “Idling” means? It’s waiting for you to go into a map. Start thinking. Man I’m so tired of these dumbasses.

  8. 17880

    is this even undetected anymore?

  9. 106959

    I can’t open it because it’s in rar format :((

  10. 111754

    i dont dee any menu

  11. 19244

    You can change the delay in the hack’s settings

  12. 105596

    the relax is delayed, It’s missing on notes that it shouldnt be missing on, how do I fix this?

  13. 32661

    relax enable but it didnt work with my game.

  14. 32661

    file mega was deleted

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