Parvati Loader – New CSGO Loader | NIXWARE – OSIRIS – Onetap


 Version: 02.09.2021

 Developers: parvarti#5965

Hello friends, today I am bringing an undetected Parvati Loader that I made for myself and my friends, there are not many cheats in this Parvati Loader because as I said, I developed it for myself and some friends. but I decided to share it publicly.Thanks to Cheatermad website for sharing confirmation.You can join our Discord server and get Configs. We are waiting for you for support.
Enjoy !

Features Parvati Loader :


  • NIXWARE (fixed 8/19 – Its auto-update now)
  • GAMESENSE (skeet paste)
  • OTC3
  • OSIRIS(fixed 8/18)

How to use :

1- Start the loader

2- Select a cheat and inject

3- Wait for steam open and start the csgo

4- Enjoy



❤️ Configs on my discord server ❤️


❤️More Screenshots ❤️



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    1. dude its impossible u get ban(legit) in some hours via overwatch or some like that with this cheat, i tested him, on hvh may take 2 days or around, probably u cheat before that =)

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