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Payday 3 Heist Farmer Cheat | External PD 3 Hack

UNDETECTED Payday 3 Heist Farmer Cheat

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Suchi96 / 1byomde

Payday 3 Heist Farmer Cheat is a great tool for you to automate your heists and let the bot farm while you sit back and relax.

If you’re a fan of Payday 3, you probably know how challenging and rewarding it can be to pull off a successful heist. The game offers a variety of missions, locations, weapons, and enemies to keep you on your toes. However, sometimes you might feel like you need a little boost to get more money, experience, and loot in the game. That’s where the Payday 3 Heist Farmer Cheat comes in handy.

The Payday 3 Heist Farmer Cheat is a free Payday 3 hack that allows you to automate the heist process and earn tons of cash and rewards in the game. With this cheat, you can set up your own rules for the heist, not caring what you need to do to finish a heist. The cheat will then run the heist for you in the background, while you can sit back and relax or do other things on your computer.

The Payday 3 Heist Farmer Cheat is not just a simple script that repeats the same actions over and over. It is a complicated and well-developed program that uses logic to adapt to different situations and scenarios in the game. It can also detect and avoid potential threats, such as guards, cameras, alarms, and cops. The cheat will do everything needed for you. You can customize the cheat to also manually turn features and options on and off

The Payday 3 Heist Farmer Cheat is compatible with the latest version of Payday 3, including the latest updates and DLCs. It works with both online and offline modes of the game. You can use it solo or with your friends in a co-op session. The cheat will not interfere with your gameplay or performance in any way. It will also not affect other players or the game servers in any negative way.

payday 3 heist farmer cheat

Payday 3 Heist Farmer Cheat Features & Controls

  • Main Menu Options
  • Teleport Menu Options
  • Menu Controls

  • Promod // changes AspectRatioAxis
  • Fly Mode(also removes fall damage when toggled but not in fly mode) // bump into car or police to activate, climb object do deactivate
  • Free Cam // hold right mouse to move into view direction up and down, + *optional* SPACE/LControlKey for up and down. // can also teleport if you bump into a police or vehicle
  • OPK teleports you and enemies to 0,0,0 // only enemies after the toggle get teleported, not current ones
  • Touch The Sky teleport menu // self explaining..
  • 99 Boxes teleport menu // self explaining..

  • Create New Config
  • Load Config
  • Save Location
  • Teleport to Locations

  • Exit Cheat = Delete
  • Show TP Menu = Insert
  • Main Menu:
    • NumPad9 = Up
    • NumPad6 = Toggle/Enter
    • NumPad3 = Down
    • NumPad0 = Back out of Heist Menu (99 Boxes, TTS)
  • Teleport Menu:
  • NumPad7 = Up
  • NumPad4 = Toggle/Enter
  • Numpad1= Down
  • F7 = Load/Select Config from folder Heist_Locations
  • F8 = Create new Config inside folder Heist_Locations (small menu pops up for setting a config name)
  • F9 = Save Current Location ( small menu pops up fo setting a location name)

How to Use the Payday 3 Heist Farmer Cheat

  1. Scroll below, click the download button and download all the files necessary from CheaterMad
  2. Once that is done, extract the .zip file into any directory on your PC
  3. Open the extracted folder and open ProcessName.txt
  4. Inside ProcessName, either use Win64 or WinGDK based on what the name of your game is
  5. Start the game (windowed or borderless!)
  6. Run the cheat .exe
  7. Enjoy!

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