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Payday 3 TryHard Mod Cheat | No Recoil, High Damage, Auto Fire & More

UNDETECTED Payday 3 TryHard Mod Cheat

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Suchi96

Payday 3 TryHard Mod Cheat is an extremely easy to install free mod hack for PD 3 that will grant you access to some of the most overpowered cheating features out there such as no recoil, no spread, penetrate all walls and more!

In the world of high-stakes heists and adrenaline, Payday 3 is without a doubt regarded as supreme as one of the most exhilarating cooperative first-person shooters. But what if you could elevate your experience to legendary status? Enter the Payday 3 TryHard Mod Cheat, a powerful tool crafted to unlock all kinds of free hacks and perks, transforming you into an unstoppable force against law enforcement.

With this extraordinary Payday 3 TryHard Mod Cheat found on CheaterMAD, you can unlock all kinds of perks listed below, which can also be tailored to your playstyle to perfection, by leaving out some of the pak files moved in to the root directory of the game. Though, if you are now quite fond of this one, you can always check out other alternative Payday 3 mod hacks.

Payday 3 TryHard Mod Cheat Features


  • No recoil (sometimes weapons still kick for the first burst, idk why)
    • Weapons will no longer kick uncontrollably during sustained fire.
  • No spread (excluding shotgun)
    • Your bullets will hit their mark with precision, except when using shotguns
  • No weapon sway
    • This mod feature eliminates weapon sway, allowing you to line up shots flawlessly
  • Optimized fire rate
    •  This optimizes fire rates, ensuring rapid and efficient bullet delivery
  • Automatic fire mode
    • With this, you can forget about toggling between semi-auto and full-auto and let the cheat fire for you
  • Very high damage
    • Easily defeat your enemies with significantly boosted damage output
  • Penetrate all walls
    • Bullets will penetrate obstacles, catching foes off guard and giving you a tactical advantage


  • same as THMhighpen but without penetration


  • No blood splatter
  • No bullet impact
  • No bullet holes
  • No muzzle flash
  • No impact debris
  • No bullet trace
  • No bullet ejection

payday 3 tryhard mod cheat

How to Install the TryHard Mod Cheat

  1. Click the download button below and go to the download Payday 3 TryHard Mod Cheat
  2. Extract the files to any folder
  3. Next open the root directory of Payday 3
  4. If you have the game purchased on Steam, go to the Steam library and find Payday 3.
  5. If you have the game purchased on Epic Games, go to the Epic library and find Payday 3.
  6. Add -fileopenlog as an launch option to the game.
  7. In the game files directory, go to Payday 3 Content and then packs
  8. We will need to create a folder called~ Mods
  9. Paste the pack files of the mods into here and that is it.
  10. Now launch PAYDAY 3 Game
  11. If in the future you wish to remove any mods, you can either delete the entire mods folder or individual mods from within that folder
  12. If you have trouble with the game, you can also verify integrity of game files to fix it for you
  13. Enjoy!

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