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Pest Control Trainer Hack 2021

UNDETECTED Pest Control Trainer Hack 2021

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: wh0am15533

Pest Control Trainer Hack 2021

Pest Control Trainer Hack is a trainer made for Pest Control with a couple of features to make your gameplay easier and more fun.

About Pest Control

Pest Control is a combination of simulation and turn-based strategy, where the main task of the player is to destroy the parasites. Each mission is a hairy little war, full of fangs and legs. . Insects have no mercy. When Lenny finds himself alone with them, they only want one thing: to tear him up! Well … the job of an exterminator is a challenge! Remember, they are closer than you might think!
Main features:

A complete system for crafting machines, traps, aerosols and weapons
(Collect parts, modifications and upgrades, you have an arsenal of weapons, from hammer to remote control robot)

Total 87 missions (side, story, adventure)
(Several types of missions: deactivate, capture, hunt, escape as you see fit, clear the tracks)

39 different locations
(Villas, dilapidated apartments, campsites, hangars and more)

24 pests
(From rats to transforming pandas)

Installation with day and night system
(Expand your headquarters by upgrading rooms, but remember time is money!) No matter what either method you choose)

Miscellaneous Sprays
(To remove impurities or weaken your opponent, use one of the six substances available in the game. play)

Skill Tree
(Expand your character as a scientist and engineer, and improve their passive skills)

Additional game modes
(In addition to story missions and regular quests, you have game modes special levels, such as: adventure, terror and tower defense)

Pest Control Trainer Hack – Installation
  1. Download the trainer
  2. Extract the archive into the root game folder
  3. Back up the libs in Gameroot\Data folder
  4. Open the ‘Vanilla Unity Libs’ and extract them to the Gameroot\Data folder over-writing the existing ones
  5. Enjoy 🙂
Pest Control Trainer Hack – Features 
  • Spawn Debug Mission Menu
  • Add 10K Money
  • Add 1K Upgrade Points
  • Unlock All Upgrades
  • Level-up Player
  • Level-up Stats
  • Level-up Perks
  • Give All Magazine Items
  • Add 100 All Scrap
  • Unlock / Complete All Research
  • Advance Day / Night
  • Give All Blueprints


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