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Phasmophobia Trainer Cheat 2021 (AntiCheat Bypass) v1.2

OUTDATED Phasmophobia Trainer Cheat 2021 (AntiCheat Bypass)

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: wh0am15533

Phasmophobia Trainer Cheat 2021 (AntiCheat Bypass)

This free Phasmophobia Trainer Cheat that you can download for free has a great amount of hack features and an anti-cheat bypasser built-in.

Phasmophobia is an online co-op horror game where the goal is to investigate paranormal activities with your (up to 4) teammates with your ghost hunting equipements at hand. But it is not that easy, while you are gathering evidence you might stumble upon ghosts that get on your way. Like most of the co-op games, this Phasmophobia is extremely fun when played with friends in a voice chat or with people together in a room.


And this Phasmophobia Trainer Cheat helps you achieve that goal by providing you with amazing amount of features that will help you in your gameplay while keeping you safe from the game’s anti-cheat because it comes with an AC (anti-cheat) bypasser!

How to Install Phasmophobia Trainer Cheat

  1. Download the cheat
  2. Extract the files from the RAR archive using the password under the download button
  3. Go into the folder you extracte dthe files and read “Install.txt”
  4. Follow istructions in that text file to lear how you can inject the hack into the game
  5. Now you can enjoy the game and have fun


Developer Notes

Trainer for Phasmophobia. Includes AC bypass bootstrapper that can be used without the trainer (Supports Doorstop, BepInEx, Melonloader, etc for modders), ESP lines, Ghost Hints/Renderer, GhostCam smile, Free store items + add money, and complete Contract with XP, Objectives’s, and Evidence. Enable ghost visibility, and always available better headlight.

To be added in update: Switching GhostCam filter, so like infrared, thermal, nightvision, etc, and toggle the Cam to player/ghost.

Free Item Usage: Open store and select a item, then press ‘I’, and click the buy button (it should now have a black border). Has to be used for each item you want.


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  1. 146709

    Doesnt work

  1. 84107

    File removed from Mega

  2. 109697

    that cheat its for 32bits

  3. 107398

    There’s no text file explaining how to inject the hack. Just the .dll and a weblink to this site.

  4. 104189

    Cannot open menu all i see is the ghost info

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