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Pubg Mobile India Hack Aimbot / ESP / Mod Menu 2021

DETECTED Pubg Mobile India Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Swater

This Pubg Mobile India Hack so Battle Grounds Mobile India Aimbot / ESP / Mod Menu Hack also works well in season 19. This Pubg Mobile Hack Supports ESP and AimBot , but you should read well how to use it.

What is Pubg Mobile India Hack?

Pubg Mobile BGMI Hack is a coded app that cheats the game on Android/iOS devices. With the help of Pubg Mobile hack you can easily see player locations, drop locations, weapons and much more.
Thanks to BGMI Hack Aimbot Support, it allows you to kill your enemies easily.
Before that, we shared the BGMI-like esp hack for PUBG Mobile. Click here to go to that article.
Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new name of PUBG Mobile India as we all know. I mean if you are using antiban esp hack in your PUBG Mobile Global then it will work in Battlegrounds Mobile India too.

Pubg Mobile India Hack

Pubg ESP hack is also known as Battlegrounds Mobile India Extra Sensory perception hack. What does this hack do? provides the location of your enemies, items, drops and more. You can also see the health and damage of enemies while in battle and using pubg mobile esp hack.
ESP hack in this Pubg Hack is a great choice and also a kind of antiban hack.
The ESP hack includes its sub-features, which we will discuss below. ESP is antiban, but you can also prefer wallhack with similar features. But this hack has health esp, 360 view and many more benefits.


Features Pubg Mobile India Hack :

  • Box
  • Weapons
  • Items
  • Drop Location
  • Player Health
  • 360 View
  • AimBot
  • No Recoil
  • and More..
How to Use Pubg Mobile India Hack ?

If you are a newbie, join our discord server and create a support ticket.

  1. Download BGMI ESP hack from the download button below.
  2. Now open the file with the specified password, if there is no password please make sure you have a backup of the original game files.
  3. After that download the best sandbox for your android device. You can use any sandbox.
  4. Install esp hack and then add esp hack to double field. Now add the game to the sandbox.
  5. Now open esp hack and then select game version and architecture of your android device. This esp hack supports 32bit and 64bit BGMI.
  6. Now open the game and please make sure you are using a hosts file.
  7. Now use the cheat in the lobby or when you enter the game.
  8. You did everything, enjoy!
  9. If you still do not understand and have problems, you can choose this article. I mentioned all the different steps in the same article.

Developer Note :
Please use the mod menu only in the guest account. For the last 10 years, I got banned while using the mod menu at BGMI. For more information about the mod menu, you can subscribe to my channel.You can use this hack on guest account without any problem.

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