PUBG Mobile Kuro Hack – Best PUBG Mobile Emulator Hack 2021 Free Download


 Version: 17072021

 Developers: mikunakano

PUBG Mobile Kuro Hack – Best PUBG Mobile Emulator Hack 2021 Free Download

PUBG Mobile Kuro Hack is one of the best and simplest Free PUBG Mobile Emulator Hacks you can find. It is very easy to use and requires no key.

This PUBG cheat provides 2 main features that will make you win every single match and bring chicken dinner home. One of these main features is ESP. ESP [Extra Sensory Perception] is a common cheat feature also known as Wallhack that most of hacks have. ESP lets you see enemies and information about them behind walls and objects. With ESP you can see which gun the enemy is holding, how far they are and how much health they have. Obviously this differs from cheat to cheat but most of them usually include these.

The other main feature is bullet tracking, which is like aimbot but it doesn’t lock your crosshair on the enemies. Instead, the bullets track the enemy’s targeted body part [i.e. head, chest] and your aim doesn’t change. For some people this better than aimbot since it looks less blatant and is harder be noticed by other players or teammates that are spectating you.

PUBG Mobile Kuro Hack – Installation

Before you use:

  • Make sure your emulator has root access. [Guaranteed to work on these emulators: LDPlayer, MEmu, BlueStacks.]
  • Make sure USB Debugging is turned on in the emulator
  • Use latest version of emulator for the best experience

Now you can follow these simple steps to use the hack:

  1. Start your emulator (LDPlayer / MEmu / BlueStacks)
  2. Open “Daemon” folder and run Start-EmulatorName.bat (Choose based on the emulator you are using)
  3. Open PUBGM and wait until you are in lobby
  4. Open the Hack / PUBGM.exe and Start the Hack!
  5. Enjoy the hack 😉
PUBG Mobile Kuro Hack – Features
  • Customizable Player ESP [Customizable Color & Info]
  • Bullet Tracking [Customizable Target]


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