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PUBG No Recoil Macro Hack | Razor Synapse

UNDETECTED pubg no recoil macro hack

 Last Version: 22/10/2022

 Developers: Mafia9321z#8999

PUBG No Recoil Macro Hack is a mouse macro cheat for Razor mouses that use the Razor Synapse software. With this you can completely remove the recoil of your guns and have an amazing experience by importing this file into the software itself.

It is true that this cheat is only applicable to Razour mouses since well, it is developed only for that specific software which is Razor Synapse. What you need to do is just import the file into it and enjoy clapping your enemies in PUBG. So if your mouse does not support that, you can check out the other Cheats and Hacks for PUBG on our website.

pubg no recoil macro hack

How to Use PUBG No Recoil Macro Hack

  1. Download PUBG No Recoil Macro Hack file from below
  2. Extract that file into a place where you won’t forget
  3. Download and install Synapse if you haven’t already
  4. Import the hack into Synapse
  5. Set your DPI to 1800
  6. When assigning a key select the option ‘Play while assigned key is pressed’
  7. Enjoy and have tons of fun!

Developer Note

I saw you guys complaining about the dpi being too high, so I lowered it from 2300 to 1800 (you can thank me later) And yes the dpi is very important! other wise you won’t get the best results. This is your sign to go buy a Razer mouse right now! Sorry i’m back its been a while…

New update v4.0 has faster shooting without lag and better overall recoil. Can’t believe update v3.1 got almost 10k views on YouTube, new goal is 15k views. Can we hit it? I will never charge for this macro! if you see someone impersonating me, please let me know through my discord all you need is the latest Razer Synapse software and any compatible Razer mouse, No need to change dpi or sensitivity

Settings Graphics:

  • Rander Scale – 100
  • FPP Camera FOV – 100

Settings Controls

  • Vertical sensitivity – 1.0
  • Vertical sensitivity – 0.9 (with flashider)
  • Vertical sensitivity – 0.8 (with compensator)
  • Vertical sensitivity – 0.7 (with compensator and vertical grip)
  • ADS snsitivity – 34
  • Universal sensitivity for All scopes – Disable
  • 2x – 47
  • 3x – 57

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  1. 199298

    Explain to me from what point this file starts, I did not understand how to install it

  1. 295986

    For Razer its working perfect

  2. 239939

    all DOWNLOAD Links of this website don’t work

  3. 199298

    Where is the password?

  4. 189306

    How to import the hack to razer synapse??

  5. 189238

    Does it work on Logitech mouse?? Coz i dont have any Razor product

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