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Race Clicker RacerX Script: Auto Race and More! (v1 Mobile Gui)

UNDETECTED Race Clicker RacerX Script

 Last Version: 22/03/2024

 Developers: OrzScript

Let’s take a look at this Race Clicker RacerX Script that will give you a different dimension in your races. If you want to increase your character xp by finishing races very quickly in the game, this menu will be very functional.

This Race Clicker RacerX Script, which works on mobile, will help you a lot in this adventure, where you increase the xp earning rate by adding auto race, auto speed and more features to the game, trying to earn xp and finish the races, and buy more pets. With a few clicks, it will bring your character to a more unique place in the game.

Features of Race Clicker RacerX Script

  • Auto Race
  • Auto Speed
  • Auto Race
  • Choose Egg
  • Auto Hatch
  • Auto Craft
  • And More!

race clicker racerx script

These features we have shown above are all the features of the script and will carry you more easily in the game. As Cheatermad.com, we share free Roblox scripts for you. Checking them every day will benefit you greatly.

How to use Race Clicker RacerX Script

  1. Turn on your Race Clicker Game.
  2. Embed the RacerX Code for script
  3. Run it Take in the material presented here.

The operation process is so simple and easy that it will be very easy to run it in your exploit. In general, you can use this Race Clicker RacerX Script right now, where you will see the perfect difference in a few hours, and get the menu below. We wish you good luck in advance.

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