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Ring of Titans Hack v1.2

OUTDATED Ring of Titans Hack

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Olipton

Ring of Titans Hack is a simple free-to-use cheat trainer for the newly published WoW Arena Clone that can be played for free on Steam.

With the impressive features that this Cheat for Ring of Titans lets you use in the game, you will never have to be a try hard to beat your enemies as with this hack, you will never ever have to worry about losing or winning. The developer even coded a one shot feature that allowed you to literally one shot enemies through walls, but since the only developer of the game has fixed that since, unfortunately it’s not usable anymore.

But still, you shouldn’t feel bad for hacking in a game like this since it is just a clone of World of Warcraft Arena. Just follow the instructions below to get the Ring of Titans Hack working and you are good to go!

ring of titans hack

How to Use Ring of Titans Hack

  1. Download Ring of Titans Hack
  2. Extract the files from the archive to the root game directory (where Ring of Titans.exe exists)
  3. Start Ring of Titans, first start might take ~10 seconds while BepInEx unhollows
  4. Enjoy and have fun

Ring of Titans Hack Features

  • (Cheat Originally one-shot people through walls at game-start, Dev finally added mild-server side anti cheat)
  • Increased stealth detection range 50%, so that you can see stealth players slightly sooner than you should be able to in a way that is hard to detect server-side.
  • Increased Line of Sight leniency, you can now slightly clip players through walls if they are near the edges in a way that blends in with just looking slightly laggy. (If you just stand still on a corner and shoot through it, it will obviously be obvious that you’re cheating. Wiggle around a bit)

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