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Rockstar MineCraft Hack Client 1.12.2 | Free Open-Source

UNDETECTED Rockstar MineCraft Hack Client

 Last Version: 29/10/2022

 Developers: KoniKalay

Rockstar MineCraft Hack Client is a free open source Hacked Client with you! ReallyWorld is a great and Undetected Minecraft Cheat to play on SunRise and other similar servers, also suitable for playing on 1.8.

The Rockstar MineCraft Hack Client was a cheat that was requested by the vast majority of our users, and now it is finally time to share it with you. You can also check out this totally free Minecraft GUI Cheat that is incredibly easy to operate.

It is equipped with a variety of features, such as KillAura, Speed, Noclip, ESP, and Xray. It is feasible to state that it possesses an excessive number of functions, which I am unable to count. You have the ability to establish your own personal keybindings. Using the teleport hack, you are free to go wherever you like in the game.

rockstar minecraft hack client

These two highly pleasurable features, ItemESP and ChestESP, will let you relax. Using flight, it is possible to take flight. Using this trick, you won’t have to pretend when playing Skywars that you can fly to other players’ islands and win against them; instead, you’ll really be able to do it!

Features of Rockstar MineCraft Hack Client:

  • KillAura
  • Triggerbot
  • AntiBot
  • Reach
  • CrystalAura
  • NoSlowdown
  • DamageFly
  • Scaffold
  • AirJump
  • NoClip
  • Speed
  • Flight
  • NameTags
  • ChestESP
  • ItemESP
  • Chams
  • X ray
  • Auto Farm
  • AntiAim
  • NoFall
  • And more..!

GamePlay Video & Tutorial:

Instructions of Rockstar MineCraft Cheat Client

  1. Install the RAR archive (pass: 123)
  2. Unpack to the versions folder in your minecraft folder
  3. Select Rockstar Free version and run


  • The Rockstar MineCraft Hack Client menu opens on RSHIFT
  • Command Help – .help
  • If you have any questions Join Discord Server: Discord
  • Free Open-Source Github: Here

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