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Rogue Legacy 2 Trainer

UNDETECTED Rogue Legacy 2 Trainer

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: wh0am15533

Rogue Legacy 2 Trainer is a trainer made for the game Rogue Legacy 2. This trainer has lots of features to satisfy your needs in the game and have lots of fun! It has features like becoming invincible, getting gold / resources and so much more.

How to use Rogue Legacy 2 Trainer:

Download RogueLegacy2Trainer-v1.2.rar
Extract it wherever you want on your computer
Use Doorstop, BepInEx or a Standalone Injector to inject the trainer:

If you are using Doorstop (Click here to see how to inject with Doorstop) – Place file anywhere and specify it in the Doorstop.ini
If using BepInEx – Place the Trainer dll within the ‘BepInExPlugins’ folder.

If you’re using Standalone Injector, place file anywhere and within your chosen injector specify the following:

Namespace: Trainer
Class: TrainerLoader
Method: Init

Features and Keybinds:
  • Backspace to open / close menu
  • Invincible
  • Toggle Jump Mod
  • Reveal Map
  • Give Gold / Resources
  • Light Throne Room Torches
  • Unlock All Teleporters
  • Unlock All Classes EXP
  • Give All Songs / Insights / Journals / Heirlooms
  • Enable All Abilities
  • Mod Spells
    And more…

Click here to join our Discord server for support and hang out with others

Developer note:

Rogue Legacy 2 Trainer (Current)

Trainer for Rogue Legacy 2 a cool, addictive little dungeon slayer/puzzler. Pretty much all you need and you can dynamically swap Specials and Spells. See screens. The reveal map will also show some hidden/developer rooms, etc. I made the jump mod a toggle since sometime’s you need to turn it off for accuracy of a jump, and Mod spell’s basically remove’s the cooldown. And you should know what the ‘Light Torche’s’ is for, sometimes it can be a pure bitch to light them both in time, especially if using keyboad/mouse. Also, ‘Fixed’ the fuckin drop down bug. The gme gears it for a gamepad so it never fires correctly when using keyboard. Just press ‘X’. No more hassle. Hint: If you hold the X key you can can not only drop down through a platform, but also floors. smile In the update I’ll have a jetpack.

The cheats themselves are Invincible and Unlimited Ammo.

Update v1.2 – Released 6/3/2021
Fixed for the new game update. It’s working again.

Working install of either Doorstop or BepInEx, or your favorite injector..

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