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Rust Amethyst Recoil Hack

OUTDATED Rust Amethyst Recoil Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Senip

Rust Amethyst Recoil Hack is a Recoil Hack for Rust.

It lets you control your recoil easier and helps you kill your enemies much easier. It has support for the following weapons: Ak-47, LR-300, SAR, MP5, Thompson, M39, M92, and M249. If the weapon you’re using isn’t in this list you can always select “Custom” and make the settings that fits best for the weapon you’re using. You can also select which sight you’re using on your weapon [Simple/Holo/8x/16x/None] to make Rust Amethyst Recoil Hack work even better. But it doesn’t end there, It also lets you choose the barrel you’re using on your weapon. To look more legit and avoid ban, you can also make your recoil more and less random.


sens amethyst recoil unknowncheats.me dlhogazqnj


  • CTRL + Tab → Activate/Disable recoil hack
  • CTRL + NUM_1 → Ak-47
  • CTRL + NUM_2 → LR-300
  • CTRL + NUM_3 → SAR
  • CTRL + NUM_4 → Custom (If the weapon you have equipped isn’t in the list)
  • CTRL + NUM_5 → MP5
  • CTRL + NUM_6 → Thompson
  • CTRL + NUM_7 → M39
  • CTRL + NUM_8 → M92
  • CTRL + NUM_9 → M249
  • CTRL + NumberPad + (plus) → Cycle between  weapon sights
  • CTRL + NumberPad Enter → Cycle between weapon barrels
  • CTRL + Left Arrow Key → Make recoil less random
  • CTRL + Right Arrow Key → Make recoil more random
  • CTRL + Upper Arrow Key → Set sensitivity higher
  • CTRL + Lowe Arrow Key → Set sensitivity lower
  • CTRL + Tab Key →Activate / Disable recoil hack


How to use Rust Amethyst Recoil Hack?

  1. Install RARH.rar (Rust Amethyst Recoil Hack [Changed the .rar and the .exe name to avoid detection])
  2. Start Rust
  3. Run RARH.exe
  4. Set the sensitivity and field of view of the hack the same as your settings in Rust
  5. Select the right weapon, sight and barrel according to your equipped gun in the game
  6. Have fun and play safe!

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  1. 23828

    Works really well been using it for hours havnt been banned yet 😀

  1. 15557

    i have used it for a few days still not banned, my opinion very goo.

  2. 23828

    Works really well been using it for hours havnt been banned yet 😀

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