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Sakara MultiHack for CSGO v1.3

OUTDATED Sakara MultiHack for CSGO

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: abosneda

Sakara MultiHack, It’s a great free hack for CS:GO. Multi Features Legit Sakara MultiHack for the game CSGO with highlights Aimbot, ESP, Radar overlay, Inventory Cheat, Grenade Helper, LUA scripting accessible free on our site.

Sakara MultiHack for CSGO is a novel programming with LegitBot highlights intended for imperceptible game play on work of art and serious servers game Counter-Strike:GO. In the event that you need non-forceful highlights, convenient Inventory transformer, Grenade Helper this cheat is ideal for your gaming prerequisites. Overhaul your game position with Aimbot, ESP, RadarHack, TriggerBot and that’s just the beginning.

sakara multihack for csgo

This Sakara MultiHack for CSGO was paid for some time, yet the designer chose to post it and offer free of charge, right now Sakara MultiHack is undetected for VAC anticheat, yet use it once in a blue moon and don’t get found out, any other way you will get a red believability consider the game CS:GO.

sakara multihack for csgo

A tad of history about this task (exhausting, simply jump to highlights or download): no doubt, this is the paid cheat you know, I’m the dev, I’m the person who coded this, say my name… I likewise modified/glued the v1 of this, when it was under an alternate brand, and the last time I conversed with the proprietor (I don’t why I’m calling him proprietor) however better believe it he let me know all the Sakara MultiHack for CSGO source code is mine so I suppose there’s no issue delivering my product free of charge…

Enough show,

Features of Sakara MultiHack;

  • Aimbot: contains everything you need for legit aimbot
  • config per category (pistols, rifles,snipers,etc…)
  • hitbox selection (cool cmerged model preview shit to sell)
  • hitchance
  • minimum damage
  • RCS
  • linear and non linear smoothing
  • autoshoot
  • autostop
  • visibility check
  • silent aim
  • auto wall
  • Triggerbot
  • Backtrack
  • Visuals
  • world modulation (world, night vision, props, skybox changer)
  • third person
  • molotov and smoke hull
  • grenades timers
  • bullets tracers
  • hitmarker
  • off screen enemies
  • no smoke, no molotov fire, no post processing, no scope etc..
  • viewmodel changer
  • motion blur
  • recoil crosshair/ sniper crosshair
  • engine radar
  • Radar overlay: renders custom radar overlay, with weapons, dormant enemies, eye angles, …
  • player dlights
  • mirror cam
  • ESP, basic esp from osiris but with dormant esp and weapon icons
  • Glow, same as osiris
  • Chams, same as osiris but added few materials, and custom menu, it was supposed to preview esp and
  • chams but it’s bugged for now
  • Inventory changer: also from osiris but with cool menu and ability to edit items
  • Misc:
  • Auto accept
  • Anti afk kick
  • Force cluster relay
  • preserve killfeed
  • auto pistols
  • auto reload
  • quick reload
  • prepare revolver
  • player damage indicator
  • player flashed indicator
  • custom clantag
  • reveal suspect
  • spectator list
  • purchase list
  • reportbot
  • door spam
  • blockbot
  • freecam
  • unlock inventory
  • bomb timer
  • square radar
  • Keybinds
  • Players list
  • Movement
  • bunny hop, bunnyhop hitchance
  • Infinite duck (remove clientside crouch cooldown)
  • slide walk aka moonwalk
  • edge jump (without or with keybind)
  • jump bug
  • slow walk bind
  • fast stop
  • fast plant
  • Movement recorder: with many customization, save, load configs, edit individual movement, colors, etc..
  • Grenade Helper: also highly customizable, only missing auto throw, other than that, it’s P2C quality
  • Grenade Prediction
  • Grenade warning, shows where enemy grenades will land
  • Grenade view, shows a camera view of where your nade will land
  • LUA scripting, with many bindings for engine functions, client, entities, GUI etc..
  • Config system, basic json configs as osiris

Frequently Asked Questions ;

  • How to use Sakara MultiHack ?  – just download the dll file, and run CS:GO and then inject it with a manual map injector, e.g. Shtreeba, etc..
  • Where is config? – in documents/sakara/
  • Any lua scripts?
    I made some scripts just for testing stuff, I’ll publish scripts API soon if anyone interested in making scripts
  • is it safe on my main? see known issues- trust factor, and no I don’t recommend Sakara MultiHack cheating on main unless you know what you are doing,

sakara multihack for csgo

Known issues:

  • sometimes the blurred background doesn’t render properly, make sure you enable multicore rendering in csgo settings
  • standalone RCS is silent, I’ll fix that when I have time
  • stickers selection in inventory edit doesn’t work
  • autostop in aimbot only stops when shooting
  • target backtrack sometimes misses
  • unhook button is inappropriately placed
  • aimstep is disabled, and FOV is locked at 30 degrees
  • movement recorder indicator looks ugly like free Sakara MultiHack
  • grenade prediction doesn’t predict breakable objects

sakara multihack for csgo

Regarding Trust factor:

Starting from the last csgo update (3kliksphilip music kit update) I noticed one of my accounts was thrown into red trust factor, and it was strange as it was only one account and other users reported the same, also the linux version got hit,

I know valve didn’t updated vac on linux, no new vac modules I can dump, so I made some investigation it’s may be a feature detection, using only visuals no aimbot, no backtrack, no flash reduction, just esp and chams didn’t drop trust factor, so to be on the safe side only Sakara MultiHack on alts and use visuals only, or may be aimbot with high smoothness low speed but that’s at your own risk…. and yeah many other big P2C got hit after that update, I don’t know why nobody talks about it here… Anyway, I’ll fix these issues once I have time for it, I may or may not release the source.


  • Fixed radar overlay crashes in some maps (cs_agency) due to loading radar texture in wrong dxt format.
  • Removed logo and name of P2C in watermark.
  • Fixed the option of enabling blurred watermark background.
  • Fixed standalone RCS being silent.
  • Fixed spacing in Keybind widgets [https://i.imgur.com/YMG1cc4.png].
  • Added fix for mouse delta, bypass for community server side AC.
  • Do not overwrite flashMaxAlpha when flash reduction is disabled (From osiris).


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  1. 196864

    How to remove the info thingy in top left?

  1. 236130

    hey yo i don’t know if its just a me problem but the dll keeps crashing. i do not know if its outdated or something but yeah. also does this cheat have a discord server? i wanna be informed if it is outdated

  2. 228574

    My movement maps didn’t save and also how do you delete grenade map files that you created as they dont show up in the documents folder for sakara

  3. 196864

    I think this cheat is outdated due to new csgo update

  4. 192325

    its start crashing after 2 days of using it

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