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Seed of Life Trainer Hack 2021

UNDETECTED Seed of Life Trainer Hack 2021

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: wh0am15533

Seed of Life Trainer Hack 2021

Seed of Life Trainer Hack enables the cheat / developer mod menu in Seed of Life. You can download this trainer for free on our website.

About Seed of Life

Seed of Life is a puzzle action game that will transport you to a beautiful but toxic world where almost all life is gone. There is only one way to survive: help Cora find the Seed, an alien device capable of creating the essence of life and saving your planet from destruction.

Find your way through a labyrinthine world full of mystery, danger and beauty. Look for capsules and learn special abilities. Face off against alien creatures and solve challenging puzzles.

When the sun died, the world descended into chaos. Invaders appeared out of nowhere and surprised us… There’s nothing we can do! They have taken our most precious treasure: the life force of the planet, causing us to die. Aliens are left on earth to absorb what’s still alive. To save your house, you must find the source of life and activate the old machine. Let yourself be guided by the light!

Game Features:

  • An EMOTIONAL JOURNEY A dramatic and engaging story full of mysteries to be revealed. Face your fears and find a way to bring Lumia back to life.
  • TRIPLEA QUALITY GRAPHICS Spectacular sci-fi set in a dystopian future. A fascinating world in the process of disappearing, where vivid colors meet complete darkness.
  • DYNAMIC GAMES A story-driven adventure filled with puzzles to solve and dangerous shadows. Learn unique abilities and try to survive in a harsh environment.
  • SEMI OPENWORLD Freely explore a vast and beautiful world where secrets lurk in every nook and cranny and environmental challenges will put your skills to the test.
Seed of Life Trainer Hack Features
  • Toggle Cheat / Developer Menu
  • Add Lumium
How to Install & Use Seed of Life Trainer Hack 
  1. Download the rar archive and extract the dll
  2. Follow one of these tutorials to inject the dll into the game:
    How to inject trainer dll with DoorStop?
    How to inject trainer dll with BepInEx?
    Or use a standalone injector with the following settings:Namespace: Trainer
    Class: TrainerLoader
    Method: Init
  3. Enjoy 🙂
Developer Notes

Seed of Life Trainer Hack. Enables the Cheat menu and allow’s adding Lumium.

NOTE: Although enabled, don’t use ‘Load Playground’. The scene wasn’t included in the release build and will just freeze the game.

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