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Smokey Injector for CS2 | No Red Trust VAC Bypass v2.0.2

UNDETECTED Smokey Injector

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Sm0key#0001

We would like to show you another Free Smokey Injector that can pass unnoticed by CS2 and many other video games. The latest version of this adds reliable mod launch support in Counter Strike 2 and was released not too long ago. An amazing hack injector for Counter-Strike 2 called Smokey Injector is both simple to use and effective.

There is a plethora of CS2 DLL Hacks available to us, and we are free to make use of them without the risk of being banned. Any type of CS2 hack that is considered internal can only be distributed in dll format. In order for these.dll hacks to function, you will need an injector; however, since CS2 has a reliable anti-cheat system these days, you should only use injectors that are undetectable. You are welcome to make use of this completely brand new CS2 injector that we have just made available. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully so that everything works properly.

Why should we use injectors in the first place?

Dll files are the industry standard for hacking into internal systems. You can’t just launch it by doing a double click like normal. It is necessary to use an injector in order to incorporate the.dll file into your game.

This injector was designed exclusively for CS2, and it is able to perform its intended function despite bypassing the trusted launch. Every single one of our hacks has been tested using the CS2 Smokey Injector, and they have all been shown to work properly. Verify that the.dll file in question has the most recent version available.

Utilizing the most recent versions of our CS2 hacks dll files is strongly recommended in order to get the most out of this injector. You will not experience even a single hiccup or mistake in the future.

Yes, this is another way to avoid the VAC’s requirements. It is important that you double-check the location of your cheat.dll file and ensure that it is in the same folder as the SmokeyINJ.exe file. Please keep in mind that this is only the beginning, and that some cheats, particularly those that are larger or more major in size, will not function because their dependencies will not yet be supported. With that said, we ask that you keep this in mind at all times. If you have a cheat that isn’t working, it would be extremely helpful if you could let us know about it in the comments section below.

Simply clicking on the link provided below will allow you to download the free CS:2 Smokey Injector.
You are welcome to use our website in order to acquire any free cheats for CS2 or any other game that are undetectable.

How to use Smokey Injector for CSGO

  1. The injector should be started after the cs2 game has been initialized.
  2. Insert the modified dll file into the Smokey Injector.
  3. Have fun using your absolutely free DLL Injector.

Developer Update Notes:

Smokey Injector for CSGO was written in C++ and uses ONLY WINAPI Functions to load and write process memory. All dependencies are manually mapped, and as of version 1.01, all PE headers have been erased, and support for larger DLL size buffers has been added.

After a couple of accounts being destroyed by Red Trust after using countless different Injectors Mainly CSGhost. Matter what I did Red Trust! Therefore I starting doing research into Manual Mapping without using ANY LoadLibrary functions! I quickly realized that these so called Manually Mapping Injectors are hard to find these days. Also damn near every “Manually Mapping Injector” across the Internet are all BS damn near all of them use LoadLibrary and or are just Outdated/Old af and do not work!

  • Version 2.0.2 is now in Development! Please provide Feedback and or Suggestions.
  • SmokeyInjector V2 is a Custom Manual Mapping Injector wrote in C++ without using ANY LoadLibrary Functions!
  • Completely Bypassing VAC and Red Trust!

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