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SOT Helper External Cheat | Sea of Thieves Hack 2024

UNDETECTED SOT Helper External Cheat

 Last Version: 06/03/2024

 Developers: Caldor

I developed my own in-game ESP for use in SOT Helper External Cheat. To this point, it offers capabilities such as tracking Treasure spots, ships, water levels, crew members, the velocity and direction of ships, the number of active holes, and more.

It will show all ships within 1750 meters on the left side of the screen, including your own, to make it simpler to detect if someone is approaching from a closer distance. This is one of the features that stands out a little bit.

Additionally, it possesses an island tracker, which makes it possible to track any island, outpost seapost, or other similar location.

C# is used as the SOT Helper External Cheat language, however it is modeled around Doug’s Python SoT Emporium, particularly the Python framework. This was created with a lot of assistance from a number of different people.

If you find any bugs or have any recommendations for features, please post them in this thread. I also intend to make the source code available, but before I do so, I want to conduct further tests.

Features Sea of Thieves Ahk MultiHack:

You have the option of updating the actors.json and offsets.json files in order to either track a greater variety of items within the game or make the files compatible with a more recent version of the game.

When the app first launches, the overlay will not be applied to the game; in order to begin using the overlay, you will need to press the “Add Overlay” button. This will also assist with debugging the app in the event that some of the things being tracked cause the app to become unstable after an update. After doing so, you will be able to turn off part of the tracking, save your settings, and then restart the application.

sot helper external cheat | sea of thieves hack

The purpose of the filter is to make it easier to find objects within the game. It will search for any actor that includes the words that you enter into the filter box, after which you will be able to select any actor from the dropdown list and click “add” to attach tracking to that actor.

However, the actor list will continue to grow, and it is possible that it could contain players that the Sea of Thieves Hack & Cheats has already despawned; in this scenario, you will not be able to add tracking. It’s possible that later on I’ll add a feature that simply adds the actor’s rawname (the name that the game uses internally for the actor) to the list of things that can be watched. This way, you’ll be able to continue tracking the object even after the SOT Helper External Cheat spawns it again.

The range filter option takes the number that has been entered as the range and filters the actor list so that it only displays actors who are within the specified distance from you. It then lists the rawnames of those actors in the output window.

When you click the “Add All” button, tracking information will be added to all of the actors that are now in the actor list. If the complete list of actors is displayed without any filters, it is possible that the page will grow quite hefty.

When you click the “Remove All” option, the actor tracking list for the overlay will be completely removed. They ought to be added to the tracking again, but this time taking into account the parameters that you have enabled.

The option “Disable Idle Disconnect” turns off the “idle disconnects” feature of the SOT Helper External Cheat, which is what triggers the LazyBeard after you have done nothing for a period of time that you are unsure of, possibly 15 minutes. But it’s possible that it won’t work any longer. This is the sole option available within the SOT Helper External Cheat that will write data to the memory of the SOT Helper External Cheat.

sot helper external cheat | sea of thieves hack
sot helper external cheat | sea of thieves hack

Debugging is done with the DoStuff and TestButton functions. DoStuff makes another attempt to initialize the application by searching for the Sea of Thieves game process and other relevant details. You should be able to exit the game and then reenter it without having to restart the application if I am successful in making it completely reinitialize at some point in the future. When you click the test button, a list of all actor rawnames discovered during the current game session will be dumped.

How to use SOT Helper External Cheat

Download and unpack the app SOT Helper External Cheat zip file. Launch the app while the SOT Helper External Cheat is running and click add overlay. Use the menus to select which features you want to have enabled or disabled.
Works with Windows 10 and 11, but only seems to work with the Steam version, not the Microsoft version.

If you are experiencing trouble with the crosshair and compass not being at the center of the screen and / or objects not being properly tracked, it might have to do with the scaling settings in Windows.
If that is the case go to the Start menu -> Settings -> system -> Scaling and layout -> set it to 100%

Sorry if you use that setting for a reason, you can always change it back afterwards. It seems the overlay type I am using cannot always take that scaling properly into account.

Another Update:

  • Added tracerlines for players not in your crew or alliance that are within 500m… I do not think the 500m check makes any difference as you can only see other players when they are within 250m or something like that.
  • I have also added an SDK tool to help search for offsets. Its not finished yet though, but it makes it possible to click through classes, find parent classes search through the whole SDK for specific classes.
  • There is also an option to make the overlay start when launching the app and I added the option to not display Ship Status on the left side of the screen.
  • Hopefully this update fixes a strange “requires .Net 6” message that the 1.5.1 plugin somehow caused.
  • Also add maptable tracking. Go near the map table to be table to track all pins, ships and treasure on the map after making sure the settings are enabled.
  • Made some changes to the fishing bot, making it more passive. It can remain active and wait for you to start fishing.
  • It does not support bait yet. Well, you can attach bait but the second time it throws the line it will not put bait on the line it will just throw it out again.
  • Also made some changes to how storage barrels are detected.
  • Made some changes to the Inspector as well. It now supports reading more ints and it can read single byte char properties as well. I also made a new button that can try to detect the class a certain actor in memory might be based on. Its a best guess method that tries to find the class with the most similar name to the rawname.
  • Offsets update to support Sea of Thieves update 2.8.3

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    When I open it, after unzipping, it tells me that it needs a password.

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