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Sunrise NoRecoil Cheat for PUBG Steam

OUTDATED Sunrise NoRecoil

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: yi6dev

The Sunrise NoRecoil Cheat for PUBG Steam really is a great little tool and allows you to accurately hit your targets without any recoil. This is a brand new undetected Pubg cheat that has been tested by myself. I am happy to continue updating it, making it even better for everybody.

I don’t know about you but I play PUBG a lot and one of my biggest annoyances is how inaccurate the bullets are. Many times I’m pumping rounds into an enemy from close range mid melee fight and my shots do barely any damage because they’re spraying everywhere. But this isn’t a big problem anymore with my new no recoil cheat.

This Free PUBG Cheats allows you to spray your bullets in the direction you want while making them more accurate while not having to worry about the risk of getting banned since it’s completely undetected. And that’s not all, this cheat also makes sure your character will be practically invulnerable so your enemies can’t do anything against it.

How to use Sunrise NoRecoil?

  1. Download sunrise.rar (Winrar Password: 123)
  2. Open PUBG Game Steam
  3. Open sunrise.exe as admin
  4. Enjoy

Hold Capslock when shooting

Can i get banned ?

No, they can’t, the application does not read the game’s memory, but only moves the mouse virtually

sunrise norecoil

Note – Sunrise NoRecoil:

This is a test version!!! I plan to add different macros, it will also be possible to change the bind, everything will be free.

  • L: LOW
  • H: HIGH

You can build the source (github link) or download the release.
If you have any ideas write tg @qweme32

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Comments (11)

Popular Comments
  1. 185113

    thanks admin.
    pressing the caps lock button while shooting is very difficult for some people.
    that’s why I suggest to use the Q/E button.

  1. 185113

    Bro, please reupload?

  2. 197556

    how it change mode, and capslock keybind

  3. 187797

    Can I change the intensity of the spray? I need more than just high

  4. 91026

    dont work for me

  5. 91026

    dont work what uu say men

  6. 185113

    hi admin, can you pass it on to the app makers.
    replace the caps lock key with an “E” or “Q” key

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