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Tempest Cheat Trainer Download | Unlock All DLCs & More

UNDETECTED Tempest Cheat Trainer Download (All DLCs)

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: wh0am15533

Tempest Cheat Trainer is a Free to Download Hack that has tons of function that you can use to improve in the game and complete it very easily.

Tempest is a really fun to play that is surprisingly well developed and coded game. But if you have played it enough, you might also know that it can be really frustrating sometimes. If you are just looking to chill out have fun while also making progress, this Tempest Cheat Trainer is just perfect for you. And if you are looking to learn more about this trainer, here’s a list of features and instructions to use it down below.

If you really want to have some fun and experiment with the game using a trainer without worrying about losing lives or points and want to see how far you can go and how much you can score in Tempest Online, there is a way to do that with this Tempest Cheat Trainer.

This Tempest Cheat Trainer is a simple software program that you can download from here, CheaterMAD that allows you to activate various cheats and hacks in Tempest Online. With a Tempest Cheat Trainer, you can get unlimited piastres, unlimited damage, invincibility, items, all DLCs, and more. You can also customize the game setting, such as enabling or disabling arena unit control.

Tempest Cheat Trainer Features

  • Tempest Cheat Trainer v1.0
    • Add 10K Piastres
    • Repair Ship/  / Resurrect
    • Damage All Enemies
    • Add 200 Factional Reputation (All)
    • Toggle Slow Motion
    • Add 10 Selected Items
  • Misc
    • Disable Requirements For Town Upgrade
    • Enable Endless Landing
    • Enable Fast Shop Payment
    • Get Starter Pack
    • Unlock All Shop Items (In Town)
    • Unlock Academy Quests
    • Unlock All Achievements
    • Run Tutorial
    • Toggle UI
    • Damage Self
  • Debug Menus
    • Toggle Cheat Menu
    • Toggle DLC Enabler Menu
    • Toggle DLC Stats Cheat Menu
    • Toggle Arena Enable Menu
    • Toggle Arena Unit Control

tempest cheat trainer download (all dlcs)

About Tempest

Ah, pirate friends! This long-awaited expansion adds one of the most sought-after features – the ability to build and grow your own colony. Prepare to fully defend your new home, aid other merchants (generous rewards included), find missing people in serious trouble, battle hideous sea monsters and punish the thieves of your crew. Looks like great adventures await, Captain!

Develop your own policy As a promising governor, you can control a simple settlement. Turn it into a prosperous city and become the richest and most famous captain!

New ships are available Conquer a brand new spooky ship called Death, which can be decorated with 4 additional character figures: wolf, tiger, bear and lion.

Shop at any store Improve your financial situation so you can invest even more money in your city and make your neighbors jealous of your success!

Become the absolute champion of the arena Introducing a land battle arena where you can test your captain’s hand-to-hand combat skills. Will you be able to survive the growing wave of pirates, skeletons and god knows what else? Book of world arena records included!

How to Use Tempest Cheat Trainer

  1. Download Tempest Cheat Trainer
  2. Extract the DLL from the RAR archive
  3. Use either DoorStop or BepInEx to inject (normal injectors won’t work)
    Or a Standalone Injector with the following settings:
    Namespace: Trainer
    Class: TrainerLoader
    Method: Init
  4. Enjoy!

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