Terraria MultiHack 2021 Free Download


 Version: 1.4.2

 Developers: okami_x

Terraria MultiHack

Hello dear cheatermad members, Terraria MultiHack is a cheat engine cheat table with great features for you to help you in your gameplay.

Terraria is an action-adventure two-dimensional ( 2-D ) game, released for sale for the first time on May 16, 2011 by Re-Logic.The game includes exploring a randomly generated 2-D world, digging, building and battles with various NPCs and bosses. It is based to some extent on other games, Minecraft for example, but there are things that are not in them. One of the novelties for this genre is the “shelter” of NPCs. When a player achieves certain goals and builds a home with sufficient living conditions, an NPC “settles” into it. Different NPCs have different names and respond differently when the player clicks on them. Also, each of them sells different things.

How to setup:
1. Must download cheat engine “click here
2.Download rar file
3.Open terraria
4.Open “.CT” file
5. Enjoy

How to use “Cheat Engine”:
Once you open Cheat Engine go to the small monitor and press it select the game/program you want and thats it 🙂


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