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Terraria Steam Hack v1.0 | GodMode, TP and more

UNDETECTED Terraria Steam Hack v1.0 | GodMode, TP and more

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: cragson

Here’s an external Terraria hack for Steam. The cheat is built on osmium, my own Terraria Steam Hack framework.

To Terraria Hack, players will require a GodMode feature created for the game version they are running.

Some of these Terraria External Cheat are available for download on cheatermad.com and enable users to enter God Mode when playing Terraria, as well as get infinite ammo, one-hit kills, and other in-game benefits. It also provides Terraria fans and gamers with a variety of map and character editors.

Features of External Terraria Cheat

The cheat is also available on my GitHub page: https://github.com/cragson/terraria-external
If you need additional features, just add them yourself or contact me.

  • Infinite Health & Mana
  • Weak Enemies (sets life to 1hp)
  • Teleport NPC’s to player
  • Teleport Enemies to player
  • Godmode
  • Infinite Items
  • Infinite Keys


  1. Start Terraria Steam
  2. Start the terraria-external.exe
  3. Happy cheating.
  4. Regards, cragson

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