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Valorant Free Cheat HaoScripts | TriggerBot ,NoRecoil, Bhop

OUTDATED Valorant Free Cheat HaoScripts

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Solik

Valorant Free Cheat HaoScripts is undetected with TriggerBot, NoRecoil, Bhop, Radius features in Valorant game. This Free Valorant Hack was being sold by Russian developers and a developer named Solik cr4cked it and decided to submit it to cheatermad.com.

We all know that free and UNDETECTED Valorant cheats and hacks are hard to find and we don’t want to pay $100 per month for valorant cheats so you can safely download this Valorant Free Cheat HaoScripts from our website and troll your teammates. To start Valorant Free Cheat HaoScripts carefully, I suggest you read the instructions below carefully, otherwise I don’t believe the idiots who say it doesn’t work because I personally tested it and it worked fine!

How to Use the Valorant Free Cheat HaoScripts:

  1. Download Valorant Hack
  2. Open Valorant Game
  3. Run HaoCr4ck.exe as administrator
  4. Copy the key and paste it into the console

valorant free cheat haoscripts

Instructions for Valorant Free Cheat HaoScripts:

The script is divided into 3 parts:

3 buttons responsible for the color of the trigger. 17 quick weapon customization buttons.

  1. Scripts (Main scripts)
    Here we mark the scripts that need to be enabled.
    A blank space means the script is not active.
  2. Trigger Adjustment
    Here you can fine-tune the trigger according to your preferences.
  3. Weapon (Quick weapon customization panel).
    The most suitable settings are selected here.

Main scripts Setting for Valorant Free Cheat HaoScripts:

  • Bhop [Space] – is a classic BunnyHop. Press and hold the [Space] button and you will start jumping like a rabbit.
  • Trigger [Automatic] – Target the enemy after activating the scenario. The script will react and catch fire.
  • Trigger [Mouse5] & [Mouse4] & [ Alt ] – Trigger activation only happens when one of these links is pressed.
  • Trigger (Shift) & (Ctrl) – When the scenario is triggered, it will be more accurate to shoot via (Shift) or you will sit down to shoot (Ctrl)

Trigger Setting for Valorant Free Cheat HaoScripts:

  • ◈ NoRecoil – The most important parameter responsible for the rate of fire. NoRecoil is measured in milliseconds (ms). 1 second = 1000 milliseconds (ms).

NoRecoil has two firing modes:
~10 ms = Spray mode (Clamp).
~150 ms = Flick mode (Stacking).
1000 (Second) / 150 (ms) = 6.6 (7 precision rounds per second).

  • ◈ Radius – The radius of the trigger. This is a circular area (around the plus sign) measured in pixels (px). The optimum radius is 5 (px).

~Use a value between 3 and 10 for fine tuning.
~3-4 for ranged combat, 5-10 for closer range will be fine.

  • ◈ ColorChange – Color recognition (Hue), (+/- 30 hex) difference from the color specified in the ColorTrigger value.If you put too much on it, it will start to react to black (since it’s so close to purple) and lighter shades of purple. Added setting for in-game customers or Nvidia graphics card owners (Some play with effects like purple boost). In this case, the value may be reduced.
  • ◈ ColorTrigger – It triggers color. You only need 3 colors for this setting in the game: Purple, Yellow or Red.

It is best to use Purple as it is more expressive.
You can also set your own value.
To do this, go to the tutorial and take a screenshot of the screen.
Then paste this screenshot on the site (https://imagecolorpicker.online/ru/) and choose the trigger color you want and Enter a value in the format (0x******), replacing (#) with (0x).

Weapon (Quick weapon customization panel):

3 buttons for quick (manual) trigger color adjustments. (Violet, Yellow, Red)
Panel with 17 buttons for quick (Manual) weapon settings (change NoRecoil value).
All optimal settings are already selected, but you can fine-tune them in the NoRecoil line.

IMPORTANT for Valorant Hack HaoScripts !

It should be understood that the trigger works better in the body than in the head.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t flick while aiming at the head, because the lower part of the radius touches the body and starts at head level.

Judging by your feedback, problems often arise with Phoenix and Omen, in melee the trigger may not work on the head, since the radius does not reach the body. This should be taken into account when fine-tuning the radius and ask yourself the real question. Do you mostly play at close range or long range?

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  1. 68189

    same problem here

  1. 183615

    need password or key for the root ca

  2. 93957

    You need a key for RootCA before you can use it 🙂 this is useless

  3. 104713

    I get an error when I run it, someone help

  4. 104713

    What should I write?

    id : ???
    pass : ???

  5. 183379

    i hav Error line 0. pls help me

  6. 144967

    i think you need to install the RootCA yourself but you need a password

  7. 177220

    Guys it’s working you need to install the requirements softwares i think. And also update your .net framework

  8. 75346

    when i open haocrack it says downloading root then it says error at line 0

  9. 143847

    rrly not working, when i run HaoCrack.exe it console have only a symbol is ” ????? ”

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