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ValoLord Free Valorant Cheat | Released 2023

OUTDATED ValoLord Free Valorant Cheat

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: mahircayan & theven2546

Another Free Hack for Valorant.! With these great features, ValoLord Free Valorant Cheat includes ESP, Aimbot and many more features. This has been tested on PC versions and we know it works fine: Win10 20H120H221H121H2 and Win11 – 21h2. Please fix your Game screen to Full Window or Window. An Important Warning! HyperV + Virtualization needs to be turned on or the cheat features will NOT work .

How to Run ValoLord Free Valorant Cheat:

  1. First, install the driver by running load_driver.bat (Just do it once every time you turn on the computer)
  2. After the driver is installed, run Pepega.exe as administrator.
  3. When “Waiting for game” appears, enter the game and the menu will appear. (Menu Show/Hide: F1)

How to Open Hyper V for ValoLord Cheat:

  1. Run cmd as administrator.
  2. Type this Command: dism.exe /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:Microsoft-Hyper-V /All
  3. After typing, wait until the bar reaches 100%.
  4. Then the text “Do you want to restart the computer now” will appear, type Y and press enter and Hyper V will be active when your computer restarts.

How To Turn On Virtualization or how do I know if it is turned on:

You will open it from bios. You can open it by watching it on youtube.
To see if it is open, open the Task Manager, go to the “Performance” tab and in the bottom right it should say Virtualization: Enabled.

Disclaimer for ValoLord Free Valorant Cheat:

Using this Free Valorant Cheat may cause your Computer to get Hardware ban, If you have a Spoofer or Woofer then you don’t have to worry. CheaterMAD is not responsible for bans!

Use At Own Risk !

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  1. 181921

    A patch has been added and the cheat may have been fixed. i will review

  1. 122256

    Didnt work + i got a permanent suspension (No hate to the owner of this he did say there was a patch do not reccomend on 2/18/2022)

  2. 183666

    Will you reply to this whenever you fix the cheat in regards to the recent patch?

  3. 183664

    my pc crashes when i launch the driver bat thingy

  4. 183660

    like i can start the cheat and the menu is showing up but the features wont work its kinda useless

  5. 104713

    There is an error Please review the file again

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