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Valorant Lag Switcher Free Download 2021

OUTDATED Valorant Lag Switcher Free Download 2021

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Fata_Morgana

Valorant Lag Switcher Free Download 2021

Valorant Lag Switcher is a took that lets you increase your ping, fake lag, lag switch and cut your connection for an amount of time in Valorant.

A lag switcher is a tool capable of blocking the Internet flow to the game console for a certain period of time.
In doing so, it helps the lag switcher dominate the game, which is probably why you are constantly being beaten by the same opponent.

In short, you could say that the lag switching is like a “cheat code” which gives it an edge over the game. But here the sudden lag transition makes the online game look like a network error, but the player is still playing offline.

How to Use the Valorant Lag Switcher

  1. Copy and paste the lag switcher in the Windows or the System32 folder. Or hide it somewhere but hide it good.
    Be aware that the developers may well do a manual check and check what processes you had running during the game
  2. Start Valorant
  3. Run the lag switcher as an admin
  4. Tick “HoldKey”
  5. Bind a key of your choice

Now go into the game and stand behind the corner and hold down the button you assigned, go + – 5 seconds and press the button. If it works, then everything was done correctly.

Do not forget that VALORANT has a thing that protects against Wallhack’a and others through the walls of the view. Therefore, get as close to the corner as possible.

Valorant Lag Switcher Features

  • Switcher Toggle
  • Select Game Folder
  • Fake Lag Toggle
  • Fake Lag Delay
  • Block All Connection
  • Sound Alert
  • Block All In / Out Connection
  • HoldKey
  • Bind Key

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